Thursday, April 30, 2015

Today On The Gil Gross Show

 1. Gil tells about his exciting times at KGO staving off the microwave with Karel.

2. Gil interviews Rhoda: The other things you don't know about my wife.

3. Gil interviews Dr. Mavis Mindshenk --feminism is alive in Fresno!

4. Gil does 10 minutes on the phone with an expert on crawfish who says the critters are polluting SF Bay.

5. Gil goes one-on-one with the editor of The SF Examiner: "I'm more relevant than you guys!"

6. Gil does a quick 5-minute phono with the head of the SF Zoo: "is it true you're 86ing the giraffes and if so, why?"

7. Gil has an exclusive with GM Don Parker but before, mentions off-mike: "Shit, I still can't believe you let me on the air every day for 4 hours--damn, I'm pinching myself."

8. Gil talks briefly with SF PWD spokesperson, Gail Gutter, on the secret delight of taking tours of the sewer system.

9. Gil talks to political analyst, Pricter Politiki, for 20 minutes about the background on Bernie Sanders Iowa mishpuchah .

10. Gil closes show with 10 minutes on line 2 talking to the Walnut Creek city manager: " There really is a creek there?"


  1. Gil's show keeps getting worse and worse. At some point I just won't listen to him any longer. I never missed his show on KGO where he took calls.

  2. Gil is a newsman not a talk show host(one who takes no phone calls).He loves to listen to the sound of his own voice, four hours of Gil talking to himself!

    1. My thoughts EXACTLY! Stick to the news. He LOVES the sound of his own voice, and doesn't need any others.

  3. That's the whole show? It more accurately describes each hour with its frenetic, schizophrenic pace interspersed with Gil's infamous "ooooohs" and "aaaaaaahs" as he admires his own voice.

  4. I gather you're not a Gil Gross fan Rich. What is in in particular that you don't like about his program?

  5. You got it!!!!!

  6. iHeart radio asked Gil to do an interview based show. He does a good job based on the circumstances. It's better than the rest of their lineup.

  7. Right on Rich, I use to like Gil when he filled in for Ronn years ago, after Pete Wilson's untimely death Gil became a full time host at KGO, and although I never felt he was up to Pete's standard I listened to him, and for the most part liked his show (depending on his subject, but that is true for every host, even my favorites Gene Burns and John Rothmann), when he became a regular on 910 his show quickly went downhill, since I don't listen much to him anymore, however the few minutes I do listen I have to concur with Rich, Gil's show stinks. Which is saying a lot considering who else is on the radio these days, Joel and Corey, Drex others, what a sad state of radio. I was never a fan of Karel's but compared to the above mentioned hosts including Gil he was at least listenable for about 20 minutes or so, the others not so. I tried to listen to Drex on my drive home from work tonight, that lasted about 5 minutes or less. Drex and his sidekick Heather is a joke, the giggling, the stupid subject which has nothing to do with what is relevant at this time (Baltimore, gay marriage, earthquake) is a joke, I just cannot listen. Please somebody with brains given us some intelligent hosts, i.e. like John Rothmann.

  8. 30 minutes of his show consists of "aaahhhh"s and "ummmmm"s.

  9. (Showing my age, but...) In the late 60's, what had been a very popular New York City Top 40 station, WMCA, was starting to get clobbered by the new FM rock formats as well as the blowtorch WABC. They decided to switch to a two-way talk format, i.e. "talkradio".

    Most of the hosts they hired appealed to adults, but for evenings they hired a young Alex Bennett, whose program was geared to teens and young adults, maybe a 16-25 demo. But it was a smart program, and Alex was a smart host. He may not have appealed to middle-aged listeners, but he did respectably with the targeted demo. (Of course AM was a long way from being on life support, the way it is today.)

    The point is that Cumulus could be programing KGO with intelligent hosts who try to appeal to younger listeners, instead of "Drex with the Dreck". They could try a late evening program that's even more edgy for the 10p-1a or 10p-2a hours and see if it attracts an audience. They could spend money to see if it's possible to pull the turd out of the fire. Maybe the situation is unsalvagable, but unless they try they'll never know. But they don't, and won't. Lew Dickey and his lackeys are hellbent on a death spiral for their properties, in the guise of cutting costs, and then cutting more, until they're left with nothing but a collection of obsolete equipment and worthless licenses.

    Wow, that is a game plan to warm hearts on Wall Street.