Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Calm Between The Storm: KTVU Weather Maven Steve Paulson And The 'Angry Sky'

 There was a lot of weather going on in the morning and Steve Paulson of KTVU was in rapid-fire mode going on about our April downpour (which, yes, we really need.)

Paulson, at one point, referred to the mass precipitation (I like fancy words) as an "angry sky." I like that too.

It gets sort of repetitive when everyone in the Bay Area knows its raining like hell outside and damn, we haven't seen weather like this since the Dallas -Who shot JR episode --I'm kidding of course but you know what I mean.

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  1. Technically,it was Feb.26th we last had a downpour according to a local weather person. I would give credit,but can't recall who it was.

  2. Steve Paulson is the best there is. Even when the weather is boring his weathercasts are fun. Fox should give him a big raise.

  3. I like when you are positive Rich! I missed the broadcast, but Angry Sky is nice. Thanks for your public shout out to one of the Bay Area's best.

    I realize nice is boring, but since you monitor the waves, it would be terrific if you could continue to catch these nice little nuggets and share with the rest of us!