Tuesday, April 7, 2015


 At least there's finally a reason to say these things, oh, maybe 500 times today, give or take a few hundred:

1. Live Team Coverage

2. Anchor to weather person: "Every bit helps."

3. "This won't help us in the long run but we really need the rain."

4. "Don't forget to bring your chains if you're heading up to the Sierra." (No shit)

5. "Let's go to the storm desk."

Finally, the all-time topper to commuters: "Folks, give yourself extra plenty of time..." Thanks, I was going to leave at the last minute and head down 880 to the Santa Cruz Mountains and have my tea.

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  1. it's true, but what else could they say? give us some alternatives.

  2. What bugs me the MOST about TV news storm/weather coverage is...when before the storm...at noon/5pm/6pm, the anchors/anchor team constantly talks up the approach by saying , "Meteorologist Joe Schmoe joins us now...to let us know how much of this badly -needed wet stuff we can expect. Joe?"

    And then by 11pm, they the same anchors are now saying: "So...when are we gonna see the end of these storms? Meteorologist Joe Schmoe joins us now, to tell us when we can expect to see that nice warm sunshine again!"


  3. How about "Only an asshole speeds & tailgates on roads that haven't been rained on in months leaving wet pavement like glass." They never say that but they should. On local streets I pull over and let them pass, roaring thru school zones at 40 mph. The wrecks all over the Bay Area today are not accidents. They're inevitables.

    1. By far the most idiotic drivers are the hillbillies in the Santa Cruz mountains. Hwy 17, Hwy 9 and Hwy 35 are dangerous as these maniacs tailgate and drive 75-95 mph on roads designed for 45-65 mph. I also just pull aside and let them go through. Just last week I saw two overturned morons. Yet they never learn. Probably KSCO listeners.

  4. Yesterday I happened to hear the 560am Morining Show. I normally don't listen anymore, but I had been listening to Red Eye Radio the night before. I heard Ethan Bearman not Sussman in the host driver seat. Was he filling in our did 'something' happen? Ethan is annoying too, but a little less so. Hope springs eternal, don'tcha know.

  5. What is up with the constant interruptions - sometimes in the middle of the speaker's sentence - to do yet another Pat Vitucci ad? There seems to be no flow, no control, the content just jerks and plunges along? Anyone in the control room these days?

  6. "Car Spins Out"

    "We'll have the complete Coos Bay weather forecast right after this word from Mel's Diner and Bait Shop".