Saturday, April 25, 2015

Only One Thing Matters Tonight

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  1. Very entertaining indeed . . .

  2. The World Champion San Antonio Spurs will sweep the Warriors in 4 games.
    Get ready for it.

    1. Some people just do not have any basketball IQ

  3. Did you even watch what the Warriors did to the New Orleans Pelicans, or did you miss that one. Have you seen how the Clippers have exposed the Spurs' weaknesses in their first round series this far. The Spurs bet the Warriors in the playoffs this year? NOT! No way! The Spurs are old and showing their age. They will be worn down by the Clippers who are now tied 2-2 in their first round series. They're no even going to get into the west finals, so shut you pie hole idiot! You know NOTHING about the NBA!