Wednesday, March 11, 2015

After All These Years Still Powerful

{All The President's Men} 1976


  1. Sadly, that was the beginning of a period of frustrating cynicism in this country. Nixon did more damage with Watergate than anyone could have calculated. Outside of that mess and his insistence of staying the course on Vietnam, he would probably be considered a 'liberal' by today's standards of the extreme right wing of the GOP. Remember that Nixon opened doors to China and the Soviet Union. He also signed into law landmark environmental legislation including the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts which today are scoffed at by bible-belting nit-wits such as Daniel ImHofe of Oklahoma and dysfunctional Rick Perry.

    1. "'s standards of the extreme right wing of the GOP." ?

      Who are you referring to? The GOP that offers no resistance obama's whims?
      The reality is the people wanted big change last fall and elected politicians that promised it, only to left at the alter.

      2 branches of 1 party is what we currently have. People are tired of his majesty's tactics and lack of integrity.

  2. Alan Pakula achieved something very rare with All The President's Men: he made a thriller out of a story everybody knew intimately.

  3. Good book. Shitty movie.

  4. Nonsense, the movie was terrific. Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Jason Robards, and many other fine actors and actresses. 8:52am probably finds it "too slow" by today's film standards which are geared for those with a limited attention span who need constant cuts and special effects jumping out at you.

  5. Much of the praise this film received is for the importance of the real-life events it depicts; its intrinsic cinematic quality is, in my view, rather mediocre.