Wednesday, February 11, 2015

'What Really Matters' Provides Welcome Respite From Usual TV News Minutiae; ABC7's Ashley Sets Right Tone In Commentaries

 ABC7 chief news anchor, Dan Ashley, is doing something fairly noble these days--a little old-fashioned commentary at the end of various newscasts.

"What Really Matters"--it's about two minutes --usually an anecdote about something in the daily news; an observation; analysis; god forbid, and I mean this in a good way, an opinion or two.

It's a human touch you don't see much in today's world of homogenized local TV News which tends to skew formulaic and without passion most of the time. I don't care for that and I'd bet most of you would tend to agree with me.

Ashley's commentaries remind me a lot of the late Jerry Jensen, also a KGO anchor, who ended each newscast with a similar type of presentation. Like Ashley, most stories weren't sappy nor righteous, set a proper tone and provided much-needed laughter and levity. When a subject matter was serious the issue was presented in the right context. Of course, they weren't all good but what is?

Here's hoping Ashley continues to do more of these--they are welcome and most appreciated.

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  1. I believe Ashley does these sort of "in-depth" commentaries on Fridays. I agree they are refreshing - and insightfully done. Hope he sticks around for a long time - he may be the best local newscaster ("news reader"?) we have.

  2. I welcome the commentary as well. Dan does seem to strike just the right tone with them.

    I loved Pete Wilson's circular file too...

  3. Check out what Stan Bunger is posting on Facebook. His comments are thoughtful and interesting as well..

  4. Is he going to run for political office? Did he write his commentary or did a producer? He ought to do some real reporting out in the field if he wants genuine credibility. An anchor is not a journalist.

    1. He's reported in the field for decades actually and received many very prestigious awards for his work as well. What a tacky thing to say.Wow.

  5. Speaking of ch7, a couple of days ago I was watching their 4 o'clock newscast and they go to Spencer Christian. He then shows the "right now" temperatures of Napa,Santa Rosa,Livermore and like that. I thought where's SF and Oakland? THEN it dawned on me..those are Winery areas,Vineyard lands.
    You would think with the money ch7 pays him,he could resist being that cute on the news. I mean,do some work Spencer.

  6. Wayne Shannon's commentaries often concluded KRON-TV's 11 p.m. "Update" newscasts in the mid-1980s. Anchor Jim Paymar once said that they were like "exclamation points" to the newscasts. A few of Shannon's commentaries can be found on YouTube. Shannon's facial expressions were a great part of his "act." He was fond of using his "Uncle Denzel" as a sort of American "everyman" in his commentaries.