Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Name Talent On Bay Area TV/Radio News That Work Part Time; 'People Behaving Badly' Guy Plans Prime Time Special; Carolyn Tyler You Go Girl; Michael Savage Resorts To Politics; Wednesday Rundown

Unfortunately, Nick Smith, formally at ABC7 is not alone--many of your top-tier TV and radio reporters are part-timers/freelance. The money isn't bad and the work is good but there's little benefits and job security is scant.

I was startled at the number of "name" air talent who are part-timers--some of whom have been working at the outlet for years.

You'd be shocked.

Why do they work? Because they still have an on-air presence--as I said, it's decent money, and if they perform really well, generally can attain full-time status where they would receive benefits and perks.

In Smith's case, I'm predicting he'll be back on the air here or somewhere else soon enough. He's a damn good reporter.

*Those of you asking me the mysterious disappearance of KRON's "People Behaving Badly" gadfly, Stanley Roberts, no need to worry. My KRON spy tells me Roberts took a few weeks off to put together a one-hour special--his first--of a PBB tour-de-force on Friday, Feb. 20 on KRON at 9 PM.  

*I'm told an infomercial ran on KTVU's early-morning news from 4: 30-5 AM this morning which means there was probably some electronic glitch. One would have to assume.

*KRON Weather Women: becoming a national industry.

*The KGO Radio "Dreck Show": DOA. Cow feces is more compelling. Six billion people on the planet and this idiot was the best they could come up with? But, as Ronnnnnnnnnnnnnn Owens, said, "Hey this Drex guy? I really like him--great show--they didn't ask me to say this." Yeah, Ronn, you're a wonderful judge of talent and terrific prognosticator --you also said "this is going to be a great format!" Ronn and Brian Williams are going to get their nails done on Union Street.

*Truth is stranger than fiction: Brian Williams and Jon Stewart make news on the same day. Although Williams was probably chucking down his fifth gin and tonic. In an hour.

*Jon Bristow of the KGO Radio News: Hey, dude, it's un-hip to TRY to be hip with your silly little pop-culture references. Nobody, "JB", under 60 is listening.

*I'll bet you a toasted bagel that more people trust Jon Stewart than Brian Williams --before Exaggerate Gate.

*NBC Bay Area: You could use a Nick Smith. Just a suggestion.

*Kevin Keeshan: see above.

*Attention, San Diego TV Sports anchors, be careful.

*Michael Savage is resorting to the daily bash-Obama playbook which doesn't translate into good radio --again, Mike, people will pay attention to Chinese food buffet anecdotes and Teddy references. Politics is boring. And not very popular. Ask Congress.

*Hip without trying to be hip: KGO traffic morning presenter, Mark Nieto.

*Jade Hernandez, late of KTVU, has landed a gig in Chicago.

*I miss Diane Dwyer.

*Carolyn Tyler --ABC7/KGO: graceful, steady as all get-go, network-savvy too.

*The albatross KGO Radio topic handbook: war in Iraq and Syria; Isis beheadings; Barack Obama; Brian Williams: No, let's talk about people who make love to their spouses after seeing ghosts in their bedroom.

BREAKING NEWS: Ronnnnnnn still loves Brian Williams.

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  1. A house painter takes a shot at a sports anchor guy who probably didn't pay his bill..and of course Radnich made it about him and EVERYBODY who ever criticized him.
    I saw that coming the minute I heard it. So now Radnich thinks he's got the best excuse to be even stupider then he is. He wants a purple heart for defending Democracy.
    Greg Papa?,now kicks a puppy proudly.

    1. Funny thing was the first person I thought of was you when I read that article on Yahoo.

    2. Just to give you idea- I also knew you would post that. I know my fanatical imbeciles out there.

      I see Greg Papa btw is now dedicating his show to more bestiality.

      Lund,Papa. They are the conservative Republicans idea of being the new hip Cheech and Chong,Lenny Bruce,Richard Pryor. Only,ass backwards since of course, Papa isn't funny. Lund? is just a no talent puppet..we all know that.
      That show is just killing time until "the game" goes under. They lost.

  2. Got up early today and in attempt to get back to sleep tuned in to KGO. They were replaying a Ronn Owens show at 3:30 in the morning. When did they start this?

    //it worked, fell back asleep within 8 minutes.

    1. 8 minutes? So you're saying he kept your attention for a bit....

    2. Took me four minutes of "sounds like Ronn, is it really 3:30?" and at least a minute to determine that it was an earlier broadcast. Leaving 3 minutes to switch to the cool side of the pillow and doze off.

  3. I just wrote down the People Behaving Badly special day/time...won't miss it, and I know I'm not alone!

    Roberts is a gem, and has the eye and ear of a pro!

    I have they advertise the heck out of'll draw eyes when on, and on YouTube, where SR is becoming a presence indeed.

  4. Rich you're absolutely right when you said NBC Bay Area could use an Excellent News Reporter like Nick Smith. Other than T.J. Holmes who now reports on ABC's Good Morning America, there has not been Another African-American Male News Reporter on NBC Bay Area. Nick would be a Great Addition to their News Staff.

  5. Stanley Roberts and People Behaving Badly aren't going anywhere. There are even imitators popping up in other places. Too bad for Stanley you can't trademark a "news segment". Gold mine.

  6. Glad Hernendez has a gig but will never understand why she left or was pushed out of ktvu. Now that Fox owns it, we are probably stuck with glamour girl Moriarity forever. She's just awful.

  7. Wow, I like Jade Hernandez. Whew!

  8. Chicago is a bigger market (but much worse place to live). They probably offered her more $. Also, WLS is an O&O....ABC network implications within.

  9. Damn good reporters? Let's set the bar at Bob Simon and work from there.

  10. Michael Savage has become so irrelevant that the ratings of his rival and right wing, small town hack Charles Freedman have risen one tenth of one hundred thousandth of a point on the same time slot on KSCO. I guess the lifestyle topics for cabbage man did not gain traction?

  11. Dan Ashley is great! Not sure what's so 'awful' about Moriarty? I never cared for Hernandez' consistently poor enunciation skills. Don't get me started on Dave and Tori...they make me change to KRON, but then Darya makes me change it back to KTVU. Wish more channels would stay local at least until 9:00am.