Friday, February 20, 2015

Len Tillem, 'Da Loyah', Talks About Sexual Harassment--Should He Be On 'Da Radio'? Of Course

Why do I still laugh at DA LOYAH, Len Tillem? Maybe it's because Tillem, who last broadcast for 'Talk 910' and KGO Radio, doesn't force it, doesn't seem contrived--in fact, Tillem, who really doesn't need the fame and fortune--torture and aggravation too, is at his best here on YouTube.

I stumbled on this, accidentally no less, and wondered aloud why da loyah isn't on a radio program today--he's genuinely funny, informative and enlightening --which probably irritates the hell out him because he can't stand compliments, seriously.

Tillem swears he's content being a wills and trust loyah and doesn't need radio and/or TV but given his track record and ratings run in the past--(he had the highest numbers in his time slot at KGO) there's a market for legal talk, let alone legal talk from a guy from New Yawk with a sense of humor and tons of moxie.

Tillem tells it like it is; a sort of sweet, wise-guy verbal assault in-your-face--he's not for everyone, but his sense of humor is wicked and he knows what the hell he's talking about, all the while giving you the lowdown on everything from personal to professional, after all, HE'S DA LOYAH!

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  1. KGO's numbers were bogus and skewed. Owens has proven it since he didn't have anything changed and now he has a fraction of his audience. The game has changed and KGO's demographics were a problem for the future of the station whether you want to admit it or not. Tillem is more entertaining than Owens because he's at least intelligent. He's a lawyer, and lawyer shows should be weekend shows. I think that's probably below Tillem. Probably didn't help his case when he was crowing on the air about how nice it was to see KGO slip into the abyss, and on more than one occasion took shots at the state of affairs at Cumulus, and the great situation at Clear Channel. Like you said though he doesn't need the money. There's also no proof that radio needs him.

  2. I tried to like Tillem on KGO but his shows became indistinguishable from informercials with his constant references to his elder law practice. Just like the financial advisor shows that only exist to drum up business for their companies.

  3. "He's not for everyone" THAT's the truth! I did listen to him over the years - but towards "the end", he began to be sooo rude to the callers! And not in a cutesy, playful way - but in a downright mean-spirited way! If he was a young chick, I'd think that when I heard such comments, maybe it was "that time of the month" for him. Personally, I wonder if some decisions weren't made to keep him OFF the air, vs. him not wanting to be there. We'll never know :)

  4. For me, Tillem's "schtick," became annoying from time to time. ( I've heard that he didn't have the strong New York accent, when he was on a station in the far north bay [KSRO?]. But, his KGO appearance was my introduction to him, so I can't compare.)

    Is there a measure of self promotion for his on-air/YouTube efforts? Sure. And, why not, when he's a professional with information that he's willing to share. Dean Edell had a newsletter, and promoted his books.

    With all due respect to 12:24, unlike the financial advisor on KGO, on Saturday, Tillem doesn't hype his law firm, by name, throughout his programs. He didn't on this video --- only saying that he practices with 3 other attorneys in Sonoma. And, I don't recall ever hearing him plug a book/books.

    On this video, he offers to help with advice to those who post on his website, and/or those who e-mail him. That can be a nice resource for those who cannot afford advice, otherwise. I haven't seen his site ... IF there were some sneaky way that he was working in a CHARGE, when it sounds to be free, I'd change my attitude immediately. But, I doubt that to be the case.

    My "gut" is that he really wants to help people.

    1. Tillem often did specifically mention his law firm, specifically referring callers to it when they had elder law issues. And as a California taxpayer, I was less than thrilled to hear his frequent advice to callers about ways to get their parents on the state dole by putting their homes and other assets into others' names, trusts, etc.

  5. Reminds me of Lowell Cohn

  6. I was tidying up and ran across a 1996 "Open Mike" newsletter from KGO, featuring an article on Gene Burns's "Dining Out", along with some other KGO tidbits. If a Gene Burns fan would like it, I'll mail it to them. Email me at