Saturday, January 24, 2015

Maybe I'm Amazed

One of the best songs ever written and recorded.

{Paul McCartney}

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  1. I love that song. The album "McCartney" was largely overlooked and dismissed because of it's simplicity and the rawness of production for many cuts. Other favorites on that album include "Every Night" and a most unexpected confection is cut number nine; Momma Miss America, where Paul demonstrates that he is a great drummer, and can improvise with the best of them. I would not have guessed it was Paul had I not put the CD on myself. The rhythm is sensuous, funky and bluesy, same with the lead guitar. The Guitar distortion used is a bit dated, but it's well put to use here.
    This cut sounds a lot like something Frank Zappa would have done. Most would be shocked to learn it was all Paul.

  2. Dude
    you are on fire this month for musical choices!!

  3. It is a great song. The Faces did a great cover of it as well.

  4. McCartney may have been the "Cute Beatle," but he was also the most talented.

  5. Seems like the song is a tribute to his late Wife Linda, which is done very well also...

  6. Join Paul in his Left Handed Power sign, but only if you qualify.