Thursday, December 4, 2014

Back to the STORM WATCH and TEAM COVERAGE; Weather Orgasm Saturation Continues; Thursday First Take

 Finally, what they've been waiting before. The real stuff is here! Get out the blue jackets. TEAM COVERAGE mentioned umpteen times! STORM WATCH!

Yeah, I don't get it. I'm continually amazed how much time we devote to weather. This time we finally have an excuse because the heavens decided to deliver.

An aside: How many times have you heard pompous reporter say, "You know, this may seem like a lot of rain but we're STILL in a drought--this is a drop in the bucket." (Oh, just shut up!)

Wow, a sinkhole! Oh my god haven't seen that guy in awhile! And count the number of times you see the proverbial tree-falling-on-house story. It happens every now and then but here you get twenty or so daily.

Did I mention there's a sinkhole in the Richmond? Two! In case you didn't know. Back to the STORM WATCH and BREAKING NEWS!

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  1. Radio is just as bad as TV when it come to rain. Radio folks bring back all the "Rain" songs, worst offender "Raindrops keep falling on my head". Clever? I think not.

  2. What drives me NUTS about TV news is that...whenever a storm is approaching...the main anchors will tease the upcoming WX segment by excitedly saying "Meteorologist Joe Blow joins us now...with the good news about the much-needed rain we're expecting! Joe! We sure can use the moisture!"

    And then once the storm arrives, by the next newscast the same anchor duo will say "Meteorologist Joe Blow joins us tell us when we can expect this nasty wet stuff to end. Joe--when will we get back to our sunny weather???"

  3. Rich, you ridicule and belittle everything the local media does, why?

    There are obvious reason why local news outlets report a major rain storm in the midst of a serious drought.

    1. Yes, you are right that there are obvious reasons, and if the local news outlets didn't spend copious sums of airtime with dramatic STORMWATCH graphics and music talking about every shpritz that dampens your windshield, he probably wouldn't have even made this post.

    2. They get ecstatic about storms, drought or not. There will never be enough rain to keep reservoirs full as long as the population keeps swelling and several northern California reservoirs are only holding tanks for water to be shipped south to keep SoCal reservoirs full. Read Tom Steinstra columns for details.

      And they're making a big deal how various counties haven't met their water conservation goals. Again, with increased population, likely we'll never meet year over year conservation percentages. There's only so much you can cut back and still take care of basic living and sanitation needs. And with more people to feed, you need more food production which takes water, whether it's in your own backyard on on a big farm in the central valley somewhere. Much of this water stuff is political - which voting bloc to keep pacified -- big agricultural, southern california where a lot of votes are, environmentalists concerned about the overall health of the rivers, fish, etc. So by continually reminding us that no matter how much it rains there's still a drought keeps the political maneuvering undercover. With drought conditions, where is the water for the delta tunnels gonna come from? Don't question that. Just keep saying drought and people voted for it. The tunnels don't produce water.

    3. Bitch, bitch, bitch... What do you want weather people to talk about?

  4. I was watching a local TV weatherman last night hyperbolizing over the 2 -3 inches of rain and wondered how overwrought he'd be if he were working in Buffalo or Michigan.

  5. Tell us how their constant weather coverage is different than this blog's constant criticism of coverage of the weather...?

    More delving into Annie Anderson's past!!!1

    In fact, why not do this for more of the reporters you find fetching?

  6. You want to know why we get inundated with "Storm Watch?" One word: Consultants.

  7. If the rain keeps up, the walnut creek fountain could overflow. Team Coverage at 11!

  8. Rich, the following happen with regularity, even if it annoys you there are people who find it interesting.
    -Extreme weather stories
    -Coverage of riots, yes the Oakland ones too
    -Coverage of sports fans cheering for their team in a crowded bar
    -Black Friday, many enjoy seeing those crazy folks camping out in line, and their justifications.
    -the airport story when planes are cancelled (see #1)
    -How much $ the 12 Days of Xmas costs now
    -Interviewing excited fans outside the ballpark on opening day
    -when gasoline prices hit record highs and record (adj for inflation) lows

    get over it.

    1. Anything and everything that is not real news. News light. People do find this stuff interesting, but we don't need to hear it several times a day or week on every ''news'' outlet in the area.

    2. "Rich, the following happen with regularity, even if it annoys you there are people who find it interesting".........You're right, and they are called morons...Maury is on later, watch it, it sounds like your kind of show..

  9. Rich comments on the news commenting on the weather almost as much as Karel mentions his dead husband,