Saturday, December 6, 2014

All We Need Is The Champagne

This gets to me--always.


{Ms. Natalie Cole and Mr. Nat King Cole}

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  1. Doris Day sang a knock-out version of this song back in the 50's. Good tone, phrasing and virbrato. Doris was way underated as a singer. One of those people who did everything well, and made it look easy, sort of like Taylor Swift of today. I wish Natalie success in staying away from the dope. She was/is truly talented as a vocalist and a performer. Age is a harsh mistress on performers, especially women performers.

  2. Strongly recommended over the insufferable Wedding March as the ideal post-kiss walk up the aisle and out the door. Many wedding song lists put this at the very top - both with Nat King Cole alone and dueting with Natalie.

  3. TY Rich, this is one of all time Faves.....Gawd bless ya!