Sunday, November 9, 2014

George Reading Dies; Early 70's KTVU Lead Anchor For '10 O'Clock News'; Also Had Stint At KRON

 George Reading, one of KTVU's early 70's lead anchor has died. He was 84.

(He's pictured in the photo--in the top, middle, alongside Bob Wilkins and Gary Park--Marcia Brandwynne is at the bottom).

Reading also had stints at KRON, WBZ, KTTV, KMST, KUSI and had
radio gigs at WNEW and KNX.

A memorial took place Sunday in Pacific Grove.

{h/t: Peter Cleaveland}

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  1. He also,i think hosted California Farm report for a season or two.
    Three of those four are dead. It always reminds me of Allan Kings bit of wives outliving husbands, "Mr .Smith was 102,survived by his wife Edna, 106!

  2. Was he the guy who would say, "See you at 10; see you then"?

    1. That was George Putnam on KTLA.

  3. 84 years of age is a good life. Can't believe so much time has passed. George Redding was a terrific anchor, one of the best, and we've had some good ones here from Dave McIlhatten and Van Amberg, to Dennis Richmond and Suzanne Sanders.

  4. Creature Feature weather? :)

  5. We tend to under-appreciate Bob Wilkins' diverse talents because he delivered EVERYTHING in that deadpan Indiana drawl. I think he was David Letterman's inspiration!

  6. Refresh me, folks: How long has the now Suzanne Shaw been at KNTV? We know we lost PIX's most enduring anchor McElhatton in 2011, and that Van Amburg has been an El Cerrito resident forever since leaving KGO in 1986 (and who never got over the loss of his longtime NewsScene co-anchor Jerry Jensen in 1982). Did I read or hear correctly that Dennis Richmond has another Eastbay home in addition to or after leaving Grass Valley? Richmond is one KTVU alum who did work with George Reading while covering Oakland City Hall, I think.

  7. I didn't see this on George's LinkedIn profile, but didn't he also anchor the news at KXTV in Sacramento? I remember seeing him on Channel 10 in the late '70s.

  8. Marcia Brandwynne - she was awesome. Nice sexist ad there KATU. Always liked Reading, Stan Atkinson - now retired in Sacto - was another fave.

  9. He also did a stint at KGTV-10 in San Diego...
    Worked with George in late 80's in Monterey...nice guy...but really spacey and out there. He used to tell us he spent his weekends at some naked ranch near Ventana.

  10. Wow, I just had a dream about him, he had a very distinguished deep voice, he also did a stint in Monterey on the CBS affiliate , he has PBS type of commercial running, voice only

  11. Sad to hear about George Reading; I think he was the very first TV newscaster I saw on TV after I moved here from Palm Springs when I was 9...

    Also miss Marcia Brandwynne...maybe that's why I like Gasia Mikaelian so much, she reminds me of Marcia from back in the day...