Wednesday, October 8, 2014

So Far, So Good For Bloomberg SF 960 AM Radio

 I like Bloomberg Radio SF.

It's an acquired taste because I'm not a stock market, business-oriented consumer--I'm more into political news and talk radio which is not the flavor of the day at Bloomberg. (Although it does provide sporadic sports updates).

But the new radio outlet is chock full of useful information and interesting content, real live and local.

Notable in the morning, Bloomberg Surveillance; ironically, this show originates from NY, but it's all woven into the local set-up which provides a lot of local news, traffic, sports and yes, business-heavy interviews and information.

What I like most about Bloomberg is that is doesn't stuff globs of commercials down your throat. That's a welcome relief from the local yokels whose greed has allowed many listeners to turn the dial and navigate away from the onslaught of ads.

Bloomberg of course is trying to cater to the Silicon Valley crowd who desire a local radio host that broadcasts its variety assuming there are people in the social-media, tech-dominated community that listens to AM, (and slightly, FM), radio.

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