Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What The Dickey Brothers Do When Not Phucking Up Radio Stations

MODERN LUXURY is the preeminent luxury lifestyle publisher in the United States, with 40 titles across 12 major cities — reaching more than 6 million affluent readers. Whether it’s a revealing celebrity profile, a special feature on the chicest trends in design, cutting-edge fashion spreads or an in-depth review of city hot spots, MODERN LUXURY excels in capturing the very best of metropolitan living.

Lew Dickey, Chairman
Michael Dickey, Chief Executive Officer
John Dickey, Executive V.P & Co-Chief Operating Officer


  1. The face of evil incarnate. They'd be right at home in Danville. Lots of these types out there...

  2. I'll take the one in the middle.

    1. I doubt you could afford her...

  3. Well, that makes sense. These glossy mags are pay to play, puff publishing. No wonder the Dickey's have no idea how to run a station like KGO. There's no pretty pictures to make up for the lack of information.

  4. Lew Dickey knows how to ball. I believe that's Lew's *itch. Vanessa Hoelsher.

  5. Which Dickey Brother does she 'belong' to, or is this what we used to call a "Gentleman's Agreement" where everything is shared?

  6. Are they out picking up blonde soccer moms?