Wednesday, September 3, 2014

KPIX Runs Story On KRON Reporter Robbed At Gunpoint Without Mentioning KRON; UPDATE

 Take a good look at this story about the TV news reporter robbed at gunpoint on 280 Monday.

Notice anything unusual?

For goodness sake, is KPIX that petty as to not mention that it was a KRON reporter? Is PIX so petty as to not want to acknowledge call letters and refer to "a TV reporter?"

Yes, how ridiculous. Adding further shame, the webmaster refuses to include "KRON" in the labels. As if by mentioning KRON, PIX is providing free pub to a competitor --really guys? Embarrassing.

Petty PIX.

This has zero to do competing stations and everything to do with simple common sense and tact. If PIX runs a story about a local TV News reporter who was robbed at gunpoint then it should include the call letters, damn how tacky and irresponsible.

And did I mention petty too?

UPDATE: 10: 46 AM PT: The webmaster just inserted "KRON" into the first sentence of story. How thoughtful, PIX.

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  1. They must have changed the article since you wrote your story. They now lead off with "KRON reporter."

  2. Well yes but stations have always done this kind of petty bs. I remember living in LA & SF and they both changed the lyrics of that song "Dirty Water" to instead of "I love that dirty water...Boston you're my home." to either LA or SF IN THE SONG. Disgusting and ridiculous.

  3. If enough of these uber Lib reporters continue to get mugged stateside and beheaded overseas, maybe "The Media" will finally lean Conservative?