Monday, August 4, 2014

KGO Radio Falls Further; 376,000 Cume Down 200K From Three Years Ago; KSFO Flat Lines; The Game Too


**KGO CUME: 376,000


GONewsCumulus Media, Inc.,100
KEZRHot ACDigity Media, LLC1.61.61.6622,000
KSFOTalkCumulus Media, Inc.,900


  1. But what does it all mean Basil ?

  2. Richie they are trying to F the Mattress Man big time. Last week his shift started at 12 after the hour! How on earth can any talker build energy when listeners are suffocated with news repeated during the last quarter hour? Sad. Me thinks they're trying F-up his pending goodbye.

    1. You, 8:12, would be correct. Word is, great pressure over fnances is at work to force a change one way or another. The problem: Who is really jumping at the chance to "come on board" the SS KayGeeOh in this still freefall? One bigger by 33% of the last "historic" drop from 2.1 to 1.9 and now, a 1.6?

      Limited "independent contracts" who initially were there to audition did not work. Think about it. Westwood One the Cumulus syndication division, doesn't have any depth outside of Savage to dump just everybody because there is nothing left in the bullpen.

      WABC in New York is STILL, for the 2nd month in a row, still languishing at a 1.3. WLS still flat for the 2nd month in a row at 1.4 with a cume of 369,700. Sound familiar? Almost the same as KGO.

      "If a picture could paint a thousand words," as Vin Scully once said, "You've gotten a million words" in the graphic by Rich at the top of this thread's post. The deck chairs have long been shuffled. Now, it truly is "Nearer My God To Thee".

      Cumulus' talker KABC, LA went up .2 of a point to a .7 share ... to tie with "The Patriot" KEIB, "The Rush Station" owned by Clear Channel.
      KFI went up .1 of a point to close July with a 2.9 and a cume of over 752,500. It's obvious talk radio is in deep, deep trouble. And liberal / progressive talk? Good in San Francisco at #3 with a 726,000 cume.

      "Fu-get-about-it" otherwise. A 1.6 share and trending down, again, in LA. KKSF 910 - flat, again, at .9 and a cume 158,000. How's not taking phone calls working for ya, Gil? KNEW is none better, at a .6 and a cume of 79,800.

      Do the math. Hard to sell ads, except in the case of KQED which doesn't, at these numbers.

      In Chicago, Lib / Prog talk is going down again at a 1.4 and a cume of 422,400 -- a share that ties it with the once mighty WLS.

      It's not about the popularity of conservative versus liberal talk except in San Francisco where KQED more than holds its own. For "mainstream" talk, put a fork in it. NPR rules and ... that's it.

      Maybe we should be looking at Hip Hop stations instead of Talk.

      KFOG / KFGG for us looking for Cumulus to put news/talk on FM ... forget it. KFOG has flat 2.2 once again, but a cume 556,400 Cumulus can't afford to change ... or can they? Classic rock KSAN is .2 better than KFOG and a cume within 200 persons.

      And we argue about parking spaces and catered lunches on Hawthorne. Wow.

    2. If true then so what? Matress man deserves no sympathy. He exposed himself as a spineless phony during and after the infamous KGO purge. If we were in the Roman Coliseum, Matress man would get the big thumbs down from the crowd as the Dickie brothers (foaming at the mouth) were released from their cages hungry to cut expenses!

    3. ...and Karel would be the Court Jester telling monkey jokes before he's eaten by Metheny, the ManBearPig & crapped out on Karel's driveway.

    4. ...and sauteed in bacon fat by Chef Ryan Scott!

  3. I'm of the opinion that Prog talk does so well in SF mainly because it's on FM. All the other examples you've cited in SF and the other markets are AM stations. AM is dying a slow death, although the rate of death appears to be debatable.

    1. My point exactly. If it doesn't work on AM, what's the use of having AM radio? Secondly, with the exception of KQED-FM, there are few stations outside California that have "monster" sized audiences for NPR or Prog Talk. They have their fans ... just not enough of them. I will gladly share numbers. Used to be that NPR or "public" non-com stations weren't even listed in ratings reports. Now, they are. The highest rated prog talk station in LA, KPCC, has a 1.6 share and sinking. KFI can't get a 3 share (2.9) and KEIB has a .7 share - tied with Cumulus' KABC.. In Chicago, NPR's station (FM) pulls a 1.4 share. Clear Channel couldn't even keep the "name talent" of prog talk on the air in SF because there were no ratings.

      You are, as I noted, correct on a point. Where on FM would you put talk? KFOG would be a logical choice for Cumulus to launch KGO-FM. But will they? Don't hold your breath. It works for KCBS/KFRC-FM. Cumulus and Citadel before it and ABC before it long let that ship sail away decades ago. They need an FM for sure if they are to continue with news/talk or talk only..

    2. There's Prog Talk on the FM dial in SF? Where is it?

  4. Wait, Damon Bruce didn't save The Game?! But he is the greatest thing to ever happen to Bay Area radio. Just ask him! What a blowhard idiot.

    1. Damon Bruce hasn't just saved 95.7 The Game....he stopped the Ebola virus & saved the world.

    2. And he made the cease-fire between Israel and Hammas finally work for almost a day! Genius. Now, if he could only get Karel fired, what a wonderful world this would be.