Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dan Rosenheim Is the Highest Paid TV News Director in Bay Area; PIX ND Makes $350K as KTVU/Fox Hover In; 'NightBeat' Is Still Dreadful And That's TRENDING; Wednesday Notes

 While KGO officially is looking to replace their recently departed assistant news director, KPIX is merely hoping their current longtime ND, Dan Rosenheim, stays aboard at the 855 Battery outpost.

Rosenheim is the highest-paid News Director in the Bay Area, making in the neighborhood of $350K a year. By all indications he's happy and why shouldn't he be, he has a firm grip on the CBS O and O and has managed to become one of the longest-tenured NDs.

I've heard soon-to-be, Fox-owned KTVU, currently rudderless with a pair of lame duck news managers temporarily presiding, might be willing to offer a sweet package to woo Rosenheim  across the bay to run the rails in Oakland. It would be a bold move.

A local broadcast analyst told me "they'd have to really make him an offer he couldn't refuse...remember, Dan is a newspaperman, he's old-school, he came from KRON and he's been at Channel 5 for a long time." Indeed, Rosenheim is nearing 15 years at the CBS station.

*Too bad Rosenheim has to watch "Nightbeat" although I assume he fakes it every now and then.

*News people from all over town were still fuming over PIX's pathetic "interview" of their own cameraman who "saw Robin Williams at an AA meeting a few weeks ago." Making matters worse, KCBS used the same piece, (reported by Sharon Chin), in its morning news blocks before finally pulling it after a huge outcry.

"Somebody royally screwed up here", an embarrassed KPIX staffer told me. Yeah, I'm sure AA people just put KPIX and KCBS on the do-not-watch list.

*Just a hunch from heaven: Robin Williams: "Oh, please, enough already!"

*Another PIXer: "If Nightbeat makes the year, I'll be totally surprised." Not me. But the show, from a comedy standpoint, is truly one of the funniest around. By the way, that last comment is trending.

*KPIX thinks guys without ties is a hip look on the Nightbeat--why not stop there. On hot days, have O'Donnell go shirtless.

*Seriously, the worst thing about the Nightbeat is not how god-awful it is; even worse how it makes Veronica De La Cruz look so bad and that alone should make PIX mangers worry.

*What happens when a local shitty newscast becomes the fodder for a bunch of jokes--will that then BE TRENDING?

*Paul Deanno and VLDC airport quiz: are you kidding me? It looks so fucking ridiculous, I mean, c'mon PIX, get a grip!

*O'Donnell shirtless, Deanna tieless, --VDLC...? (I won't go there). But damn, if you guys want to really see something TRENDING, Damn!

*Tonight on the Nightbeat, Len Ramirez asks teenage mutant ninja turtles if they sneak their smartphones into bed and surf the Internet--Jan on Facebook says, "leave our kids alone!" It's TRENDING!

*The very best coverage of the Robin Williams death: KRON. Steady and understated, great work especially by Catherine Heenan and Pam Moore; reporter, Charles Clifford.

Looks as if KRON went by the old edict: "Brevity is the soul of wit." Amen.

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  1. > KPIX thinks guys without ties is a hip look on the Nightbeat

    I'm surprised you haven't mentioned how VDLC always has her hair flipped over one shoulder when she's on camera. She looks like Pocahontas from that '90s Disney cartoon.

  2. I, for one have heard enough about Robin Williams. Except for one little His two ex-wives may wonder if they could have made his life just a little bit less pressurized if they had been compassionate enough to take less of a money gouge from Robin's wallet month after month, year after year. .........Poor Lauren Bacall is up in heaven wondering, where all the grieving ,gnashing of teeth and rending of garments about her death? Well, Ms Bacall, it's like this, your height of fame was well over half a century ago. You were great and will continue to inspire people who want to learn good acting, but, my Dear, that was a long time ago, and you have not been a part of most people's everyday thought for quite some time. It is to be expected. Fame, even extreme fame and stardom are temporary states of being. temporary degrees of magnitude. Even Sir Paul is not 'as famous' as he was during the Beatle years, yet he continues to work and stay in our thoughts today. I cannot even IMAGINE how the world is going to go into esoteric convulsions when Paul McCartney goes. There will be all manner of 60 year old people pulling what remains of their grey, white and blue hair out. There will be forrest fires from the Candlelight Vigils that end in Hey Jude Mantras. The Millenials will look, laugh and point their cell cameras at out hysteria. It will be worse than Rudolph Valentino's funeral in the silent movie era.

    1. Perhaps before you marry, it would behoove you to take a look at California community property law. You think these women should have not taken child support and alimony to which they were entitled. If they had been the big money earners, you would not have wanted him to take that to which he was entitled? Remember, both had children with Mr. Williams and had to put up with his off-screen , offstage persona, which he admits was "difficult." I'm betting it was more like "hellish". You assume, a priori, that Lauren Bacall is wishing she had more fame . You presume she is in "heaven". There is no basis for either belief. Everything is a "temporary state of being". It is, however, quite interesting that much of the music and many of the performers from the sixties are still packing the concert halls and drawing more fans than their millenial counterparts. Why do you suppose that is? (Stones, Eagles, etc.) Could it be the quality of their work?

    2. Poor Robin, he should have taken a page from Scott Peterson's book. After all Robert Blake got away with it and he's nowhere near as beloved as Williams. As soon as he would start with the voices and running around the courtroom - instant acquittal.

    3. Yes, Christine I'm in your age group and we had the best of the best when it came to music, to numerous to mention, obvious onces, Beatles, Stones, the Who, others Simon and Garfunkel, Santana, The Band, The Doors, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Baez, Seeger, Phil Ochs. Young people of today don't know what they are missing. Will never forget going to free concert in Central Park New York (where I lived in the late sixties) with the 5th Dimension, and the air was so thick with pot, you could just stand there and inhale. On another note, I doubt that Robin Williams committed suicide because the size of his alimony payment. He had been divorced from both wives for years, he had enough money to help paying for Christopher Reeve's medical care. Depression liked it seemed he suffered from rarely has to do with money, and from what I can gather about Robin Williams money was not his first priority, and although it was reported that he was having some financial problems, I don't think he was down and out, he just had to cut his lavish lifestyle a bit.

  3. Ahh the old hair flip. It's trending with the Anchorettes in San Diego also. Didn't Leslie Griffith start that whole look in the 90's?

  4. oh, oh, chip franklin in for Ronnnnnnnnnn this morning. What's up with that? No reason for Ronn's absence given...and why not fill in with Pat, Brian, Christine? Please not this guy in there..sounds a lot like Matt Rey, snooze, snooze, snooze... LC

    1. Chip Franklin??? Yikes! Seems like any hack with an ISDN box can sub at KGO now. Casey Barthoamew(sp). Or maybe I'm just wrong.

      Is it really all about the host now....OR is it about being cheap, available, and having an ISDN

  5. Ronnnnn posted on his FB page that he's prepping for and will have cataract surgery. Due back Monday. No explanation, tho, for "Chip Franklin". He is the worst of the worst....I listened for about a nano-second before I flipped KGOne off. Ronn obviously knew about his absence in advance, and it does seem odd that none of the "regulars" filled in. Hope we aren't stuck with this guy for the next 2 days.

  6. I don't think Chip Franklin is that bad, remember this is the station that had Montemayor on for months. I like Matt Ray, kind of, nice guy, good subjects, his weakness is he rarely challenge his callers, so that makes his show just kind of milk toast. From what I'm hearing from Chip Franklin he sounds better. I go back to a point I have made before, which is, that there are so many bad hosts in the Bay Area, it doesn't take much for a new host to be somewhat interesting.