Tuesday, July 22, 2014

KGO-TV Contacts KTVU's Mark Ibanez About Possible Sports Anchor Gig; Breaking: Inglis Set To Retire in August

 KGO-TV has contacted veteran KTVU weeknight sports anchor, Mark Ibanez, about possibly joining the SF ABC O and O, (owned/operated), according to a reliable station source who asked for anonymity.

Ibanez has been a KTVU stalwart since 1979 and recently signed a three-year extension, but it's up in March, 2015 and given the uncertainty at Channel 2 since Fox acquired them, Ibanez might be tempted.

Ibanez was unable to comment.

At KGO, Channel 7, the sports anchor situation is very much up in the air.

Larry Beil has been doing much more news anchoring but through a variety of sources, has told people he'd prefer to go back to his native Hawaii and "be a big fish in a little pond."

Mike Schumann is KGO's weekend anchor and prime backup but isn't considered a "long-term" option should an opening occur if Beil splits.

Ibanez has indicated in the past that he'd prefer to end his career at KTVU, but with Fox taking over and perhaps wanting to chop highly-paid on-air talent, Ibanez may have to at least listen to offers.

**Meanwhile, I have heard from KTVU sources that longtime weekend sports anchor, Fred Inglis will retire from Channel 2 in August.

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  1. I thought you'd be announcing Inanez's retirement too. One would think he'd have had enough of being an announcer by now, and enough money saved. Maybe he needs the money; a common reason for working.