Thursday, July 17, 2014

If I Were An Insider

 I would talk to people in the business and try to get inside information as I do almost every day. That's how you build a relationship. Common sense.

I would try to make people confide in me that the information was good and accurate and that they would not be identified. That's how most confidential information gets out, that's how I broke the Drew Remenda story.

People that engage with me, for the most part, are trustworthy. They know I will not publish their name if they ask for anonymity. On the other hand, I always ask, always, if a source would go on the record. Of course, most do not because their could be consequences, like retribution or punishment or outright termination.

Insiders gather notes and information and get this, actually report. They are not beholden to the team, its PR staff, its sponsors, its affiliates --sure, some information is liable to rattle a few feathers but if it involves something profound or note/newsworthy then it should be published. Key word, should. Not necessarily could be published.

Insiders are supposed to be unique and creative. They gather up information and report. There's a lot of hard work and drudgery involved--it's not very sexy and it requires vigorous labor beyond the idea of appearing on Jeopardy as a contestant and wearing sun glasses in the Press Box.

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  1. A sports insider here in the bay area is code for: Being a good lapdog.
    Yes indeed journalism in the 21st century.

  2. I think too many "alleged" reporters want to be liked or be part of the cook kids crowd and will not to the hard work anymore.

  3. The working sports insiders, who Rich loves to criticize, rarely disseminate inaccurate information.

    Lieberman is constantly reporting false stories and then celebrates anything that turns out to be true, like the Remenda story.

    When will Lieberman learn that guessing and gossiping aren't journalism.

  4. If you were an Insider you would do what you already do.


  5. If Lieberman is so much smarter than all those "insiders," how come they are all on the air and he's not!

    1. Hey now! Rich has some kind of internet/short wave dealie. He's on the air! He's going to get a three hour show on KGO, too, just as soon as MZ buys the station!

  6. insider = beat writer.

  7. CSN's "Insiders" aren't even the best reporters covering the teams. I'd take Matt Barrows over Matt Maiocco for the Niners beat, Rusty Simmons over Monte Poole for the Warriors beat, Alex Pavlovic over Andrew Baggarly for the Giants beat, and Susan Slusser over Joe Stiglich for the A's beat.

    Ray Ratto is apparently the "Senior Insider," but is actually a columnist who doesn't report any exclusive news. He also co-hosts with Tom Tolbert.

  8. General rule:

    Must not have a face for radio.
    Or have a speaking voice for print.

  9. Is there an A's Insider? Who is it?

  10. Guess really doesn't matter what is on Comcast, because outside of the Giants, A's, Warriors and Sharks games, very few people watch any of their other local programs. Sportsnet central isn't a bad show, but I really doubt if it gets much of an audience here among the mostly front-running and very casual bay area sports fans. W

    hile Jim Kozimor does a nice job on the Yahoo show, I doubt if many people are sitting at home at 5pm in the afternoons watching it. I guess this is one of the many reasons why they put these fresh faced youngsters who seem to come and go with alarming regularity on the air. But at least they sound relatively credible and independent.

    Amy G who does the puff pieces from the dugout during the Giants' games, is nothing but a shill for Larry Baer who wants everyone to know how wonderful the Giants have been to the bay area community. Of course the Giants should be wonderful to the community, given the fact that they fans have supported them extremely well since they moved into the new digs 14 years ago.

  11. Joel Stieglitz.

  12. The insiders are like beat writers, like anonymous earlier said.

    I've heard way too many complaints about Amy G. She was brutal when she attempted to host Shark Byte when Remenda was doing Hockey Night in Canada.

    Speaking of the Sharks, their "insider" guy from Philly seems to use his time trying to get with the female fan base online than reporting. Brodie Brazil already does better at reporting about the Sharks than Philly boy