Monday, July 7, 2014

Anyone Seen Former KGO-TV Sports Maven Dan Lovett?-- I Have; Checking in With The Circle 7 'Love Machine'; Monday PM Quick

 Remember Dan Lovett? Surely you do. The guy that anchored sports for KGO from 1988-'98; the guy Gary Radnich called the "Love Machine?" Yeah, that guy.

I'm just off the phone with Lovett; we had an interesting conversation. He's retired now living in suburban Houston.

He spent over 40 years in the TV News biz and just wrote a book. It's a great read.

"I loved SF--one of my favorite cities." Naturally.

He worked with many personalities at Channel 7--Pete Giddings, (the famed KGO weather guy) was not one of his favorites. I ask why.

"I'm in the studio doing my first show and I see him, (Giddings), and I go up to him later and ask, 'How is it being the weatherman in San Francisco?'--He's beet red and screams back at me, "Do YOU know what the difference between a weatherman and a meteorologist is?--About 200 Grand!"


I tell Lovett that Pete has mellowed. Granted, with the passing of time we all do. I also tell Lovett that there's "so many stories about KGO--true?" Oh, hell yes, the mild-manned TV vet tells me--one day we'll go over some real winners.

Few losers too.

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  1. Lovett lived in Benicia. I used to work for Round Table and would deliver pizzas up there. He was a GREAT tipper! For that alone, I liked the guy.

  2. Lovett was absolutely terrible...and I just checked his facebook...he's a right-wing nutjob too...perfect

    1. Lovett or Leave it.

  3. Dan Lovett is an improvement by leaps and bounds over Fatnich. Tell that overstuffed mail-it-in human pipe to shove it.

  4. Giddings will go down as the biggest dickwad in history. When a KTVU meteorologist I used to know joined the station, everyone said to her, "Whatever you do, don't become another Pete Giddings."

    1. Or another ass like Brian Sussman!
      BTW, Whatever happened to Suss & Katy's terrible show?

  5. Maybe he'll tell some hot, Scathing stories about Terilyn Joe and the Floor Director!!