Monday, June 9, 2014

The Sick and Tired Gimmick of the @HiddenCash Guy Coverage Has Reached Epic Proportions

We were frankly sick of this gimmick a day after it hijacked a good many TV News departments. Cute, funny, and unique, OK, for a couple of days. Saturation coverage, as usual, rules the day.

Can we please move on now and wait until the next gimmick and real news?


  1. Funny, as with Bill Martin's inaccurate forecasts, as with KTVU's decline in quality, as with KTVU going off the air for over an hour with no one at the controls realizing it, as with so many other things, "we" didn't mention it at all until I posted about it.

    1. 7:28pm Excellent Point! KTVU's Continued Obsession with Covering this Gimmick as they did with the News Staff Tweeting about American Idol is Definitely Symbolic of KTVU'S Noticeable Decline in Quality.

  2. If I were dumb enough to climb trees looking for money, I'd be smart enough to cover my face like an indicted mob boss if a tv camera was pointed at me. These people have no shame.

    The good news is many of the recent Leland Yee voters are getting their faces on tv.

  3. Oh, to be outted by Inside Edition and TMZ! What does this tell you about news gathering and coverage in the Bay Area?

    Tabloid news is alive and well in San Francisco!

  4. Rich disapproves of what the popular media is covering. Gee, isn't that a big surprise?

  5. This guy is having the time of his life watching the little people dance. It's pathetic. The worst are all the LOSERS who don't find cash but still kiss his ass by thanking him for his "generosity". It reminds me of Bum Fights.

  6. I watched the newscast of people scouring Chrissy Field looking for a couple bucks and thought, "I wonder if this is what the Hidden Cash Guy was after when he started this thing." It looked kinda pathetic watching all those greedy people without shame digging through the sand.

  7. Amen. Report some real news already.

  8. johnny bom bonneyJune 10, 2014 at 10:59 AM

    Thanks for this; Hidden Cash can take a leap...this whole thing reminds me just a little of The Simpson's episode where Mr. Burns throws wads of cash at Homer to continually debase himself.

  9. It's like a sociology experiment.

    Except it's not, and it's not newsworthy.