Monday, June 23, 2014

Fake TV News Anchor USA World Cup Dejection; KTVU Graphics Dept. Drunk Mode; John Dickey on Pig Vomit; KPIX Muzzles The Bloggers; Hell No, I'm Not Dating Veronica De La Cruz; Monday Media Monster Mash

 Add to the major irritation department: the faux-dejection look from news anchors after the US draw with Portugal in the World Cup.

First off, like most Americans, the news anchors don't know anything about soccer. That's OK, neither do I.

But please, spare us the sad faces, really, all of you. And sports tonsils? Are you really not gonna sleep because some futbol, (see, I'm hip!), players blew a game in the Amazon rain forest?

Just once, I'd love to see a anchor just toss to the sports guy, offer a simple, "tough luck" and move on. That will happen when hell freezes over.

*KTVU Graphics Dept: Maybe it's time to see who's fucking around. This is getting ridiculous.

*Cumulus Co-COO John Dickey on new KGO/KSFO Opps MGR, Kevin Metheny: "His reputation and accomplishments are unparalleled. His deep understanding of spoken-word radio and ability to work with bigger-than-life talents make him the ideal candidate to lead legendary KGO and KSFO."

Excuse me while I (pig) vomit.

*Metheny should work well in SF. He most recently destroyed his radio stations in Detroit and Chicago, SOP for being a Cumulus operative.

We got a sneak preview of his talk/news hybrid plans and we can't wait for the excitement.

*The NTSB will release its report on the Asiana SFO crash on Tuesday. At KTVU, they hired security for the graphics department. Somerville and Haener threatened anyone thinking of joking around with a date with Tori Campbell.

*Ama Daetz will probably become the permanent KGO-TV anchor with Dan Ashley replacing Carolyn Johnson unless she doesn't want to.

*At KPIX, the muzzle-the-bloggers operation is in full throttle mode.

*Speaking of KTVU, the Rob Roth MIA mystery is, I believe, a vacation, but don't sleep on that.

*Two bad words at Channel 2: Starbucks and Asiana.

*Wonder if Korean TV News anchors will mention KTVU News on Tuesday. (Ho-Lee-Fook).

*I ran into former KGO Radio News anchor, Rosie Allen the other day at an Oakland supermarket. Allen took a generous buyout, (negotiated by Mickey Luckoff), five years ago when Citadel owned KGO: "Boy did you leave at the right time!," I proclaimed to Rosie. She smiled.

*Possible KRON slogan: "At least we're not KTVU."

*Possible Mike Sugerman KCBS "Travels About the Bay": Mike goes to East Palo Alto and asks crack dealers if they ever heard of Mick Jagger.

*I'm not dating Veronica De La Cruz--she couldn't afford me.

*PIX's 10 PM youngey new newscast has been put on hold and will now debut 2042 just in time for the SF Olympics.

*Another Steve Bitker KCBS moment: Good Morning Stan, Good Morning Susan, Good Morning Holly, Good Morning John, Good Morning Kim, Good Morning Barbara, Good Morning Joe, Good Morning Jason, Good Morning Mister President

*BREAKING NEWS: In a story you'll only see on KTVU, Dave Clark has an exclusive interview with OJ Simpson --"Hey, 'Juice, after 20 years, how's the golf game going?"

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