Tuesday, April 29, 2014

So Far The Media Outnumbers Protesters in LA at Staples Center

 Your front and center live shots for the 5 and 6 News--10 and 11 too.

So far, as usual, there's a lot more media people and trucks outside Staples Center than there are protesters.

Just once I'd love to hear a reporter say, aloud, off-script and notes: You know there's really nothing going on here and it looks as if it's business as usual.

Of course that would be too honest and counter to the whole idea of the reporter going down to LA in the first place.

The Sterling ban, ordered by NBA commissioner, Adam Silver was bold and loud, definitely a statement. And it's topic A on all platforms; sports, news, entertainment and culture. Even Oprah weighed in. That said, the voluminous amount of satellite trucks and talking heads was kind of funny to see outnumbering the protesters of zero but to be fair, LA's populace around Downtown is good for patience. We are, after all, near the zenith of OJ, Rodney King, BART cop trial and the like.

Waiting for impending "BREAKING NEWS!"--Is there a game Tuesday Night? What game.

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  1. "even Oprah weighed in"...

    Come on Rich, unless you're trying to make a joke about that blowhard's weight, I have to ask what she doesn't voice her (own personally racist against whites) opinion about? How does her mouthing off on this make this any different than any other news item? That entity is the ultimate publicity hound/megalomaniac...

  2. Rich you seem to be a little snotty about HH lately... she must have ticked you off

  3. From Time.com (yes, I still read this rag) comes this clever headline.

    Silver Pounds Sterling

    1. Yeah,I thought of that too. Seemed like a bad time to do a pun I thought. I guess Time.com disagreed.

  4. You all know I've posted that Radnich plays a head game with African Americans like "Try to get the black person to bash Obama"..He tried to get Nate Thurmond on KRON to say "Sterling was set up"..Nate would have none of that. "Whatever the circumstances,he said what he said with no denial". Raddy tried to badger the ex Warrior great with con man winks,taps on the knee. Nate stuck to reality.
    Radnich,has to be the worst example of media cronyism. His amateurish and ignorant views on important subjects is astonishing. Its no wonder Kate Scott says nothing on the topic. I think,its her silent protest to the 900 pound boobs backwards take on everything,including today's slam of Andrew Baggardly.
    Why Rich didn't post that,I can only think of why...

    1. No matter how vile whatever Sterling said was, the fact is he WAS set up. He was just damn foolish enough to get trapped.

      Magic Johnson wanted a team, his hoochie mama friend created an opportunity for him.

  5. "Why Rich didn't post that,I can only think of why.".

    Just a wild guess, but maybe Rich didn't post it because it's impossible to figure out what Stan is even talking about. Stan's life is dedicated to obsessing about Radnich and then trying to write about the crazy delusions swirling around in his own head.

    Stan's nutty narrative about Radnich, Nate Thurmond, Obama, Kate Scott, and Baggardly.(sic) is utter gibberish. Stan save it for your own blog.

  6. Gossip, labels, stereo-types, finger pointing, betrayal, scorn, ostracization, resentment, hatred, anger, it’s nothing more than the slimy sludge that pollutes the human spirit.

    Listen to the people that absorb it like its food that feeds their soul. Ripping and tearing at the leg of lamb of self righteous purity. Fastidiously creating an illusion that they have entered the inner sanctum of perfection.

    If it was a flower in a grassy meadow what color would you see? If it was a bird that sung in the morning sun what tune would it be?

    Imperfect, fragile, mortal. Precariously placed on a teetering shelf like a chipped vase waiting for the final quake to shatter it all. Nothing but broken pieces left lying on the floor.

    Humans being humans, nothing more.