Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lou Rawls Sunday Soul

  One of the greatest and then some. 

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  1. Oh, yeah! I was missing the new "Sunday Serenade" for today. Thanks for listening and considering posters, Rich, who love the music you are presenting. Someone requested Lou Rawls and your bring in one of his all-time greats. What class! A great week doing this, Rich. Please keep it up and get it -- with you "discussions" on MZ's radio station. It would bring KSCO & KOMY up by twenty years and take the focus on what YOU want to talk about. Food, pop culture, great tunes from then and now (as you've done this week), and information, news and comment/opinion. The demographics drop by 20 years, you get more calls and you rule the boring AM dial. Seems like more negative response on KSCO of late on Limbaugh. Karaoke show has to go and you would be a great fit. Good luch to Dave Michaels. I think he'll be fine in his new slot. You would reach the tourist rich beauty of Santa Cruz, Big Sur, the Silicon Valley, Carmel and more. We don't need all the bad talk. Open the window and let the fresh air in! MZ mentioned you yesterday so, if you don't call him, maybe he'll read this. I hope so. I'd even broker the show if need be as you can get money to get local advertisers which is needed. Nice selection, Rich! How about some Nancy Wilson, please?
    (Guess Who I Saw Today? or "Face It Girl, It's Over" or many others. Thanks!)

    1. @2:24 PM....That Nancy Wilson song "Guess who I saw today" is an Iconic Classic by her!

  2. Nice post, Mr. L. How about some Silky Soul from Billy Paul - This Is Your Life, Me & Mrs. Jones, etc. Making requests on a blog! Who'd a thunk! I'm "Happy"! Thanks, man.

  3. That was Stan's unofficial theme song for his poker group in the early 80's-90's. The test of how much testosterone to sing baritone like Lou. Long before Poker was taken over by hipsters. Our group was pretty much the same guys in the basketball group. Pre hipsters I guess. Only I didn't feel much like I was doing anything trendy. Poker,beer, junk food,trash talk. Same old S.

  4. I was in New Orleans in February of 1972 and guess who was playing in the lounge that night at my hotel? None other than Lou Rawls. A crowd of maybe 40 people were there and he put on quite a show. Can't forget that one!

  5. Thanks Rich...You "are" the greatest, that's why I like your blog so much! Two thumbs up!