Monday, February 17, 2014

Who's Running Cumulus SF?

 We're investigating this President's Day. We will get back to you because we regard this as an important investigation.

Here's to Abe, George, Jerry and Lee. They'd all be here today but they're on some unpaid furlough.

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  1. That looks like Jerry Lewis!

  2. And speaking of media corps...I posted a true story of a local business discriminating against me in the Merc/Review. I sat at a local eatery Cowboy styled I guess going by the music,and asked for a chicken sandwich. The waitress comes back as says "We dont have chicken"..ok,I tell her give me one of those Philly sandwiches you advertise in big letters on the window...she leaves..comes back 10 minutes later. "We ran out of beef" and she was very nervous. A BAR AND GRILL that runs out of beef and chicken huh? I knew what was up. I told her,forget it,and thanks for wasting my time. That was last summer.
    It was straight out of 1958. So I say my story that on the website. And do you know..I couldn't get back to that page? It had been freezing up..and after an hour of that,I finally got through.. all I could get was the story..and no comments under it!. But the sites sports forums are easy as pie to get to.
    Also Rich and readers..another who posted was very critical of the papers chummy reporting on that triple stabbing close by the eatery I mentioned. I've lived there 50 years and never had that happen to me. Like some 70's movie on racism come true in 2013.

    1. As usual Stan, your story is incomprehensible.

      Did you have a stroke or something in the middle of writing this thing? It makes no sense. As usual, you were the victim of something or other but it's impossible to figure out what you're talking about.

      You think anyone cares that you couldn't get a chicken sandwich?

    2. It made sense as usual to the rest of us. Just you came to the conclusion "I didn't get a chicken sandwich"..!
      Let me guess,REPUBLICAN?. White male?..

    3. Stan's story makes perfect sense. Somehow he lacked the capacity to obtain a chicken sandwich, couldn't even get a beef sandwich, boo hoo.

      I bet Gary Radnich was behind it!

  3. That's Les Moonves of CBS. Answer to you inqury, who's running Cumulus SF...Lew and John Dickey. Market Mgr Steve S is a Market Mgr in name only He makes NO decision's regarding programming/promotion/research/engineering/business function's...NONE! He's there to generate revenue. The last local person who actual ran Cumulus SF was Tony Salvadore...and that was almost 5 yrs ago. You want to know why Cumulus SF is fucked up...because Lew and his A-Hole brother John think they know what their doing. Total scumbag know it alls...from the core!

  4. programming KFOG remotely from ATL was a brilliant move just a few yrs ago. great work Tricky Dickey. you really saved some bucks with that one.