Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dick Gautier: The Newest CSNBA Insider--True or False?

  The newest CSNBA Insider:

Dick Gautier

True or False?

Hints: A. Is very close to Ann Killion

B. Once recommended Dave Feldman as extra in : "Love, America Style."

C. Asked Melanie Collins out on a date.

D. Insists he's never heard of Damon Bruce.

E. Might be willing to kiss Chris Olivere on the ass.

F. Has a "I Heart Dick Zinn" bumper-sticker.

G. Has a "I Heart Jim Kozimor" bumper-sticker.

H. Bought a used Ray Ratto sweater at the 3rd Street Goodwill just last Friday.

I. Refuses to get involved with crazy blogger who keeps calling Ted Griggs for guest shot on Yahoo Sports Live.

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  1. Hymee the robot has more personality than either Zinn or Kozimor. Guatier would need to have Olivere step up on a ladder to get him to about 4 feet tall to have to kiss that insecure midgets ass.

  2. Rich, did someone once mistakenly say you have a sense of humor?

    1. Yeah, actually, A. Whitney Brown at the Punchline in 1999.

  3. So "IN" it's totally obscure. Huh?

  4. Dave needs to kick up the energy level on 49er posts games. Hard to tell if they won or lost by his demeanor. You can see why he and Harbaugh would be tight. A conversation between them too is " Be a man!"..grunts,nods, and firm handshake. Then they go and watch Judge Judy.

  5. You smoke lots of weed, don't you, Rich?

  6. Always dug Dick Gautier. Played Robin Hood in Mel Brooks' When Things Were Rotten - one of the greatest one season wonders in TV. Way before it's time.

  7. I cant remember the last time I had a thought of any kind about Dick Gautier.
    Might have been during the Jimmy Carter Administration (1978)
    I thought you were gonna say he died. He's now 82 y/o married to Dr. Tess Hightower , psychologist. I used to get him mixed up with Lyle Wagoner, the tall guy who was on the Carol Brunette Shows. Carol was a happy cougar before it had a name.

    1. Carol the happy cougar was actually a redhead and a Burnett.