Thursday, November 14, 2013

NY Times: Chronicle About To 86 Its Food Section

Is the SF Chronicle dissing its prized food section?

The NY Times says yes.


  1. So, they're, um, "integrating" their food coverage into newly re-invented lifestyle section. Happens all the time. Seems a non-story to me.

  2. Maybe less people are eating out these days. The recession never stopped for some, insurance family plans are being purposely F-ed up and toyed with by the President on a daily basis due to this Grand Experiment which is actually a grand FAILURE. You heard me. This administration now wears the Scarlet Letter of F for failure.

    Plus, TV is saturated with wall to wall to wall cooking shows. Some are quite creative, while others are more or less filler programs featuring average to boring cooks put in contrived, highly stylized competition/ beauty contests. I predict right here the next reality setting wil not be in the kitchen, the next reality setting will be in places of worship, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Shinto, Muslim, maybe even Wiccan. In my valued opinion, its the next frontier and what the public is ready for. We may have maxed out on the Sleaze Factor being displayed every 40 seconds.

    1. > Maybe less people are eating out these days.

      Trust me, they aren't.

      Hard to get into a restaurant most nights without a reservation. Or if it isn't, the restaurant probably sucks.

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    3. Wow @ 10:13 a.m. - the Bay Area really has T-Tards?!? Who knew? Said "Grand Experiment" doesn't go into effect until 01-01-14. But Fox News has convinced you that it's already in progress. Sad and pathetic.

  3. Anonymous 10:13,

    Relax. No one values your opinion.

    "Nostramoron" would be a good handle for you.

  4. Anon at 10:30....we already have Fox News spewing the same diarrhea you about over saturated...and 86ing the food column is all about the chronicle turning out the tv stations, newspapers are now empty buildings......but I'm sure ou knew that.

  5. Media cutbacks all over like the Wall Street Journal dropping their Bay Area News pages that they had on thursdays.

  6. 10:13
    You need to get laid, buddy.
    Or at need a nite out w/the boys: Stogies, beer/shots--or maybe a day playing hoops or on the golf course.

    Seriously, dude.