Thursday, October 17, 2013

BART Strike Nearing Friday; All Local Outlets Offering Expanded Coverage

Several local outlets will be on the air at 4 AM ...with the usual reports from traffic hotspots including the Bay Bridge, SF near the Mission/Howard-Transbay Terminal. Of course, yes too, the ferry buildings in SF and Oakland too.

Expect extra traffic reports with enhanced coverage.

KPIX, KTVU, KNTV, and KGO-TV and Radio plan extended coverage. Ditto KCBS and KGO; KQED Radio will run expanded news in its local news blocks.

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  1. How times change. Reporters used to champion strikers demands. Now? KRON's mention the "One hundred thousand dollar yearly pay", Kathy Heenan even gave her personal opinion that "Most people would love a 12%increase"..what the strikers rejected. And of course Laura "Ann Coulter" Anthony on 7 just sneared through all her reports.
    100thousand dollars IS a lot....

  2. Bart go ahead and strike it has gone long enough you have tried and tried and it's all political and how good do I look. If the big cheeses weren't it involved it would have been settled a long time ago you have tried everything a you demands not were far off. It's all about safety and trying to keep everything as it is. They are trying to keep you down but management is well taking care of.

  3. How can KTVU offer expanded coverage? Will they run their BREAKING NEWS graphic in a non-stop loop?

  4. just food for thought. janice gin is now an employee at kron. enjoy

  5. Anon at 11:56pm....I'm guessing English is not your primary language.