Friday, September 20, 2013

Statement from Michael Zwerling of KSCO Radio About a Certain Media Blogger And The Future

 This may or may not be BIG news...(Either way, the blog will remain).

Michael Zwerling is the owner of KSCO Radio and sent this notice out.

Be sure to tune in his "Saturday Special" from 10 AM-Noon Saturday, (duh!) to hear the skinny.

Here's Zwerling's Statement:

On the occasion of the 66th anniversary of KSCO's birth, KSCO will present a frank discussion of a major programming change we have in store for our listeners.

We have engaged the services of a high-priced consultant who's knowledge, regard, and SUCCESS in the radio industry is UNPARALLELLED!

This man KNOWS what audiences want and what makes great stations great-- and he has written a prescription for a MASSIVE OVERHAUL of your favorite radio station.

Phase one of the massive overhaul, the installation of a bright new future radio superstar Rich Lieberman as a five day a week anchor talent on KSCO, is at hand, and should take place shortly.

We realize that this will be upsetting to some of our loyal listeners, however, the high-priced consultant has spoken and far be it from us to question his judgement.  Besides, why waste all the money by NOT taking his EXCELLENT advice?

Who will Rich Lieberman replace?  Rosie and Rick? Rush?  Ethan?  What's Left?  Charley and Dave?  Find out on the next KSCO Special this Saturday 10 AM to 12 Noon, right here on sometimes we have to go through childbirth-grade pain to get to where we want to be and put smiles on more faces radio AM 1080 KSCO.

Michael L. Zwerling
Owner, KSCO NewsTalk AM 1080
Monterey-Salinas-Santa Cruz-San Jose


  1. You declared today "my time has come to go where no one has gone."

    Stanley Kubrick 1968: Jupiter and beyond the infinite

    Mr Lieberman 2013: A five day a week anchor talent on KSCO

    I'm happy for your enthusiasm and more may be coming, but hyperbole only leads to letdown and gives ammo to critics. Best to stay low-key and pleasantly surprise your audience.

  2. Just in time for me to finally get a iPhone or smart phone so I can hear the station here in The East Bay!

  3. Ted Johansen is out? Dave Harbol? (SO sorry -- this was for old time KSCO listeners only. (and whoever got this obscure joke, dinner at Garbini's is on me.)

  4. Way to go. Have a successful run and more importantly, a great time.

  5. Congratulations Rich!

  6. Kinda odd to use the term High Priced Consultant and not his first name (Mickey)

  7. I don't come here very often but I am glad I did this morning to find this good news out that you will have your own regular show. (if I am understanding this correctly(.... which I will make a point to check out. Now, PLEASE help get John Rothmann his own show. Congratulations!

  8. Unfortunately high priced consultants do not necessarily make for a successful result....there are too many examples!

  9. Let's celebrate, here's a song:

  10. Did anyone (Rich included) listen to MZ and his mother on the "Saturday Special" this morning talking about Rich Lieberman's new and expanded role on 1080 KSCO. There was a lot of listener reaction!

    1. I don't expect this to get posted but what the heck...

      I live down here and I listened to it. Yes, there was a lot of reaction. All but two callers were negative. Terms such as train wreck, arrogant, egotistical, rude, rambling, unprofessional, etc.

      The stations slant? Yes, we'll lose some core listeners but gain new ones. Isn't that what KGO preached too? We all know how well that worked out.

      I wish Rich all the luck. I wouldn't wish failure on anyone and I suppose KSCO is as good a venue as any small station for a beginner to test his/her chops.

  11. Ah yes. Just what the Pebble Beach, Carmel-By-The-Sea, Monterey, Pacific Grove and Santa Cruz listening audience wants. Rich Lieberman aka the cheap Howard Stern knock off. Sort of like the cheap Gene Burns imitator with a right wing slant: Chuckie Friedman! There is a God!
    Go ahead keep hitting the censor button you thin skinned jerk with a fedora.

  12. Funny how Rich lambasts TV when a consultant is in his favor lil 'ol Rich is all giddy and full of himself.

  13. Congrats, but any consultant will tell you using ALL CAPS makes you seem like you are a 14-year old girl or a John Bircher making his final trip to the bunker.