Friday, September 6, 2013

KPIX and KTVU: Two Quick Friday Summations

Summations Friday--PIX and KTVU


The station's newscasts have been better later; the story lines are crisp and the look is fresh. Allen Martin, whom I've been overly-critical of, has become a lot more watchable and provides a more relaxed approach. It shows on the screen. And while I have reservations about Liz Cook and her Mary Poppins approach, she too has vastly improved. She seems more relaxed too.
The tension and hostility with me and Rosenheim has zero to do with his work--it's all business. My issues with DR is that he builds walls between people that I like, (invariably, people there he doesn't care for), and uses that venom to create hostility. Dan, you know as well as I, that the manager issue was not my doing. It's all about the reporters and it's them that's doing the bitching. Have a staff meeting, Dano, and clear the air. Rally the troops. You got a great staff, for the most part, go take 'em to dinner. It would do wonders.


My god, what the hell happened here? Oh, THAT thing. (Something having to do with an airline and its pilots).

The fact of the matter is that those of you who have read my posts, past and present, on KTVU know my history. In spite of a slew of personnel changes--both rank and file and management--I've long admired KTVU's stellar news operation. It has managed to survive and still is the envy of the local TN News scene. It had a monumental clusterfuck and it's just hoping that with time, it goes away.
My issues with KTVU are the same as others. They could have been proactive and moved forward with the Asiana affair. That requires a whole lot of work and leadership. Unfortunately, the guys that run Channel 2 have created an us-against-them environment. That's not how to run a TV station.
Months before the Asiana affair, a veteran on-air staffer met with Tom Raponi and requested he and I meet. Raponi refused. I myself requested a brief interview. No response. Nice start at building good will. Then again, outside of press releases, Raponi doesn't speak to anyone. He's the GM! Bizarre.
One last thing: Lee Rosenthal, 2's News Director, perhaps on orders from Raponi, also doesn't talk. Maybe he should. It might help the growing dissatisfaction inside the newsroom. He better hurry.

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  1. KPIX:
    Nothing has really changed at PIX. Allen has always been the same guy. I like him a lot, poor Bastida is the one who's tired, which is a shame. He's just collecting a paycheck these days. Damn, that newsroom and its staff used to be the gold standard. As for Cook, she is still, and always will be, a spoiled little She is grossly under-qualified to be in this market. Listen sweetie contrary to what you think nobody is going to recognize you out in the streets. Oh, and learn how to write. She couldn't write a package if it meant saving her job. Well, in that case she'd just go cry to daddy. She is the one female anchor in the market worse than Tori Campbell and that's saying something.

    I have flushed them down the toilet the second I heard Bang Ding OW.

    Best news-gathering outfit in the area. Solid, trusted talent with some young professionals coming up.

    Good but irrelevant. Nothing sets them apart. Pick a city guys.

    Man, the luminaries that once called that place home. Wow. A who's who in the history of Bay Area television. They are like the one-time star who now was to rely on doing Dr. Phil/Dr. Drew-type reality TV shows to remain in the spotlight. Gary Busey! Yes, KRON is the equivalent of Gary Busey.

  2. > Months before the Asiana affair, a veteran on-air
    > staffer met with Tom Raponi and requested he and
    > I meet. Raponi refused. I myself requested a
    > brief interview. No response. Nice start at
    > building good will.

    Well, I don't blame him there. Who the hell are you?

    1. Uh, I believe my NAME is at the top of this blog.

      WHO are you? Oh, your anonymous. Figures. Brave soul.

    2. Rich, to put it more politely than @11:27, why should Raponi meet with you? You are a person with a blog. There are many people with blogs.

      I don't understand, aside from your feelings apparently being hurt, why you think Raponi should agree to meet with you simply because you want to meet with him.

    3. The KTVU person pushed it--not me.

      My feelings are not hurt.

    4. Glad your feelings aren't hurt. Thought you said that you yourself also requested a meeting. Comes across as you complaining that he didn't respond.

      You mention it as a lost opportunity to build good will. Good will with who?

    5. To 11:27 and 12:40It is called making a new contact. Raponi better not Bitch when he feels he got shit on by the top Media blog in the Bay Area. The question I have What will KPIX do without the Caltrans Cash coming in?

    6. Caltrans Cash is a nothing more than a Lieberman fantasy.

      REAL UNCLEAR LOGIC is in for a disappointment if he is expecting any impact at KPIX.

  3. Tommy should meet with Rich, 1. Rich has a very large fan base. 2. Rich does a radio show, would be nice to hear what the puppet master has say about name gate. 3. Would be great radio/blog entertainment. 4. He (Tommy) might find himself looking for a job from Dr. L

  4. I watched KTVU's Saturday news. It looked like a station from Salinas with all the coverage of very minor fires including video of a car that caught fire..BFD!) Very down-market!
    What the hell is going on there? They USED to be the best!
    BTW-This post has nothing to do with the Asiana screw-up, but everything to do with who makes choices for story line-ups post-Asiana. Very amateurish.