Thursday, August 22, 2013

John Madden Gets Pissed at KCBS SF Morning Anchor and Uses the Term 'Defenseless Player' At Least 17 Times


John Madden seemed cranky, listen up, on his KCBS radio bit with Stan Bunger Thursday Morning.

That happens from time to time for the big coach, only in this case he was noticeably irritable and it wasn't a usual lame ass radio bit.

He also used a certain phrase, (defenseless/defenseless player) at least 10 times, maybe more than 17 times, I stopped counting.


  1. So what?
    Why is this new Rich?

    Why aren't the other news outlets (KPIX gets a pass) asking the hard questions that you criticize KPIX for not asking?


    1. @3:56 You should proofread your comments before posting them, especially if the comment is snarky. It sends a stronger message.

    2. PROOFREAD? Why not read your comment over once the liquor wears off? 3:56 made NO sense after the 2nd sentence.

    3. Auntie L. You're right. That's much better advice.

  2. Madden didn't seem all that much crankier this morning than he usually does, Rich. (He's obviously a guy who likes Bourbon on his Wheaties for breakfast.)
    Go out and report on some REAL stories, OK?

  3. I listened to the Madden segment this morning, as I do most mornings driving to work, and Rich is right, John seemed more than a bit annoyed when Stan wanted to talk about the deliberate tackling of players’ knees. He does seem to get ornery from time to time, but this time I wondered if he had spilled coffee on his pants (again).

    I believe he is still connected to the NFL in an official capacity (Competition Committee?) which may explain why he seemed so obsessed with the word “defenseless”. I actually respect Bunger for keeping at it and finally got Madden to loosen up as the discussion moved on to protective gear. But the non-bocce/bus/Dominic/Mooch/Madden-KCBS BBQ talk made for interesting radio.

  4. This Madden deal was an NBD. It was more informative and less self-serving than the Madden reports that deal with BBQs, the Madden Cruiser, the bocce ball deal and watching games from the big warehouse in Pleasanton.

    Football players, like many in contact sports, don't respect the opponent like they did maybe 20 years ago. With all of this protective equipment, players feel they can take more chances with an opponent. Madden was just pointing out a few things. NBD. Keep moving. Nothing to see here.