Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Drakes Bay Oyster Farm Controversy on KSCO Saturday Special with MZ

Just got a note from KSCO owner, Michael Zwerling, who will examine the controversial Drakes Bay Oyster Farm issue on his "Saturday Special, (10 AM- Noon)


OK it's FINALLY going to happen!  A radio debate on the controversial Drakes Bay Oyster Farm issue. 

Last November then US Interior Secretary Ken Salazar decided that the National Park Service was NOT going to renew the 40 year lease of the nearly century-old oyster farm located within Pt Reyes National Seashore land.

That decision meant the closing of the farm and the loss of jobs and housing for about thirty families.

But farm owners Kevin and Nancy Lunny fought back by challenging that decision, claiming that it was made based an lies and false science.  The matter is in court now awaiting a federal judge's decision to overturn Salazar's decision or not.

The Lunny's and supporters of the farm have been very willing to speak out publicly and loudly about the injustice of this case but the other side, those favoring the return of the land to wilderness state, have pretty much refused to participate in any public debate, preferring instead to work behind the scenes with government bureaucrats.  I call those people "SNEAKY WEASELS".

But guess what?  We FINALLY found an opponent of the oyster farm Bruce Kranzler, who is a straight shooter (that is, NOT a Sneaky Weasel) who is not only willing but EXCITED about debating oyster farm owner Kevin Lunny on your favorite radio station.

DON'T MISS IT on the next KSCO Special this Saturday 10 AM to 12 Noon, right here on proud to shine the light on and scatter the cockroaches radio AM 1080 KSCO.


  1. Oh, boy, Rich. Quit the journalist, you are. Woodward and Bernstein got scooped on this one. "The Great Oyster Scandal." I smell a Pulitzer.

  2. The fact that we now have a new Sec'y of the Interior makes it a perfect time to rescind Salazar's edict. Hopefully the 9th c. will do the right thing here. The President, in his State of the Union address spoke to creating and keeping environmentally-friendly jobs...the 40 or so Drake's Bay Oyster Co. workers should be part of that paradigm. Imagine Swan's without oysters..fresh north bay oysters! Oyster poop is not evil. I'll be listening to MZ, perhaps calling in!

  3. Wow, guy (Lunny) buys a business in 2004 WAY under market value knowing that the lease would expire in 2012. He employs 28, half earning less than $12 per hour, makes no moves to clean up or shut down the operation to comply with the lease and then at the last minute plays the job and environmental card.
    Ask Lunny about the seeding of Manila clams, an invasive species.
    A deal is a deal.
    Ask him about the Koch brothers connection and how they are using this to fight the Obama Administration.

  4. Keep Drakes Bay Oyster Farm. From the beginning this has seemed to be one of those made up environmental issues because someone else wanted use of the land. "...hmm if we say they are damaging the land and hurting the wildlife we can get that entire area for our own use we could (paddleboard, kayak, etc)."

    I hope Drakes Bay wins this round and this can be put to bed. A small company making it that was there before the park shouldn't be forced to move because someone else wants to use the land in the park! Drakes Bay should be considered a treasure and part of the park, not removed from it.

  5. This is an issue where there should be no politics, no left or right. I have heard the owner on Barbara Simpson's show and also on Pat Thurston's both Pat and Barbara have the same position, they want Drake's Bay Oyster Co to stay open.

  6. The bottom line is this: Lunny knew what he was getting into when he bought the Oyster farm eight years ago. He is NOT an environmentally friendly guy, he pays lousy wages to his employees, and then he has the temerity to complain when he is told his business must shut down, because he isn't living up to what was written in the lease. In any other profession, this guy would be laughed out of town, or rather, run out of town on a rail. But he has falsely used the environmental card to try and get his business a reprieve, (it isn't working!) This guy is getting no sympathy from those of us here in western Marin who are familiar with his scam. He's a CHARLATAN of the first order!

  7. The charlatans are the folks who associate Koch brothers money with the Drake's Bay Oyster Company and the folks who claim to be "in" West Marin but have no knowledge of the history of Point Reyes and the creation of the National Seashore. West Marin overwhelmingly supports its neighbors. Amy Trainer (a newcomer to the area) has been discredited as the source of the false claims of Koch Brothers influence in this controversy.

    Read "The Case of the Indian Trader" by Berkowitz and you can see how -- unfortunately -- the National Park Service higher-ups are not the guys in the white hats that we think. The NPS worker bees are embarassed and ashamed of their leadership.

  8. I tuned into the debate, and found it very interesting. I was happy to hear from the guests on both sides, as well as the callers on both sides, which helped me to firm up my position. It was clear to me that, unfortunately, all sides have dug deeply into their positions, and no amount of facts or negotiation will change minds.

    However, I have to say I was appalled at the lack of professionalism in handling the callers. Apparently there was no 5-second delay. The caller who said Bruce should be shot should not have gotten on the air. And if he got past the delay, he should have been cut off immediately. Instead, MZ engaged him and persuaded him to say he meant "with a super soaker." No! That was a cop-out. This caller made a threat, which should never have been aired, and he should have immediately been cut off.

    Other callers were permitted to make infantile sound effects while the guests were trying to speak. Everyone (except Lunny) continually interruped other speakers.

    I don't listend to KGO anymore, but I am absolutely convinced that threats, constant interruptions, and infantile sound effects would not have been permitted on "pre-Cumulus" KGO.

  9. Get a clue, both the Cause of Action and the Pacific Legal Foundation (a CA based conservative group) both receive funding from the Koch brothers.