Monday, July 8, 2013

KTVU's Somerville Joins Me Live on KSCO/KOMY Radio To Talk About SFO Jetliner Crash Media Coverage; Updated: Sal Castenada and NBC BA's Raj Mathai Also on Program

One of the very best anchors in town...KTVU's lead anchor, Frank Somerville, who began working in studio moments after the Asiana 777 jetliner crash-landed at SFO and who did some stellar anchoring for eight straight hours, will be my guest on radio, today, from 1-1: 30 PM.

Here's the link to listening live or later, (a podcast will be up a few hours after the show).

UPDATE: Both Sal Castenada and NBC Bay Area's Raj Mathai will also appear on the program; Castenada, 1: 30-2PM and Mathai, from 2-2: 30 PM.

We will discuss the media coverage of the story and take your questions and comments.

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  1. I heard the Ron Burgandy character was based loosely on Frank, Can he comment?

  2. As a first time listener, I enjoyed the show, but was surprised at how much you over talked your guests. I'm not sure if you realize you're doing this, but you often answer your own questions before the guest has a chance to answer. I'm not trying to be an Internet troll, I was just a bit frustrated as a listener, because I wanted to hear what the anchors had to say. Overall, I thought Frank, Sal, and Raj were all great guests.

  3. That shirt style in the above picture is so 1995. Can you ask him to update his wardrobe?

  4. That picture is from 1995. Look at the story slugs in the background, its all Quake of '89 anniversary stuff. :p

    1. I disagree, take a look at the flat screen tv behind Frank. Those were not around in 1995...the picture is more recent.