Saturday, July 6, 2013

Korean Airplane Crash Coverage Thus Far: KTVU Out in Front; KNTV Strong; KPIX Whiffs; KCBS First Rate; SFO Plane Crash

SFO 777 Flight Crash Coverage---

*KTVU is head over heels doing the best thus far with Frank Somerville and Tom Vacar. Vacar, in particular, 2's consumer reporter and an aircraft expert, has done incredible analysis and has been spot-on in a superb bit of initial reporting.

So too, Somerville, who has provided steady and seemingly un-cluttered reporting of a very, very difficult story to report given the fluid situation.

*KNTV, (NBC Bay Area); Raj Mathai and field reporters have done capable work with eyewitness accounts and reports direct from SFO.

*KPIX: Unbelievably a major whiff from PIX: The station has NO reporter, NO anchor in studio; instead using actuality and content from its sister radio station, KCBS. (Anyone minding the store?) --Allen Martin jutted in an out eventually after an hour and a half but looked lost in space. Incredibly, KPIX gets a huge thumbs down. (Maybe anchors were playing golf and nobody was available.)

*KCBS: First-rate reporting with globs of information guided by Janice Wright and ND, Ed Cavagnaro.


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  1. Amazing to see Sommerville ask Vacar to come up to the anchor desk to give breaking information...

    Almost like watching Reynolds and Cronkite on their game

  2. CNN was showing photos from "KPIX in San Francisco." ????

    THIS is why local TV needs to hold back on all that "BREAKING NEWS."

    Because today IS BREAKING NEWS!

    So sad and awful.

  3. I was imagining 50 News Vans trying to run each another off 101 In a Mad dash to get the story.

  4. I concur. Sommerville & Vacar were giving information without histrionics. I didn't know Ken Wayne was a private pilot. I learned a lot from his commentary about VFR and so forth. Also Mark Tamayo giving us wind speed and directions they try to piece together what might have cause the accident. By the way. Memo to all consultants. Now that is breaking news!

  5. KCBS is nothing short of awesome. Did not realize that was Ed C himself I was hearing with Janice Wright. Knowing that Janice is married to Mike Sugerman, I was interested to hear how they would interact during a live breaking-news situation, and they were absolutely professional together. Kudos.

  6. Breaking News...except if you work at 3, 4, 5 and 7. Thats only for the weekdays. Frank's interview of retired pilot Bruce Malin was award worthy, esp Mr Malins observation of the passenger in the green jacket carrying a suitcase. Imagine being held up by this stupid woman when seconds count. I hope she is prosecuted esp in light of the now confirmed fatalities.