Saturday, July 6, 2013

FLASH: Boeing 777 Plane Crash at SFO; Update: Eyewitnesses report a 'boom' before impact

KTVU has Frank Somerville in the studio describing the details of a Korean Airliner Boeing 777 crash landing at SFO. Details are sketchy but it appears there are casualties.

Update, 1: 04 PM PT: there are some people walking out alive of the plane crash.



  1. RIP What a shitty way to end a flight

  2. Montemayor aka Monte de manure is screaming like a lunatic into the mic per usual. Couldn't stand him for more than two minutes. What a talentless hack!!

  3. What do you expect from the clueless nit-wits from Cumulus, who have no idea how to run a major market radio station.

    'Monty' comes cheap, he only works part-time, and they don't have to take care of his benefits or vacay time.

    This is who they are. This is major market radio in the 21st century. Unfortunately, you have to get used to it or start your own radio station!

    1. Of course, it's all Cumulus' fault.

  4. The girl on KRON anchoring is horrific!!

  5. I was listening to KGO 8.10 when the news broke by Tim Montemayor. It was excruciating listening to shrill Tim. He was like a panicked hyperventilating school-girl. A real drama queen. Seriously.

    I could only take Tim for three minutes when I changed to the more grown-up and professional KCBS 7.40 a.m.

    I will never tune to KGO again during a crisis on the weekends. Tim can't be trusted to deliver important breaking news in an adult, professional manner.

    Lesson learned.