Friday, May 10, 2013

Oh Happy Day

So how was your week?


  1. Oh Happy Day.
    Good song.
    If memory serves me correctly it was from the Edwin Hawkins singers.

  2. You love that Edwin Hawkins classic, too, Rich?

  3. Love "Lieberman Live!" I never miss your show on KOMY. It's must listen to radio at its finest. I can say without any hesitation or qualification that you have no peer in talk radio today. You, sir, have arrived.

  4. It was a Epic start to the Weekend

  5. Ok how about a commercial that is good? I laugh still,at the ultra cool middle aged guy strolling down the beach with a glass of Johnny Walker. I want to do that.

    And--how about a salute to Leigh Glaser weekend weather on ch7? She reminds me of somebody I knew in '94. Guys heads turned and car horns honked when were together. And it wasn't for me. Leigh also has lost quite a bit of weight too..congrats!