Sunday, March 24, 2013

Radio at its Sunday Best: 'CBS News Weekend Roundup' with Dan Rivav; Compelling News and Analysis Beyond the Headlines

One of the more enjoyable programs on radio and a favorite of mine: The CBS News 'Weekend Roundup' with Washington correspondent, Dan Raviv, (heard locally on KCBS).

If you like a comprehensive, beyond-the-headlines, dose of the news, particularly, international news, then this is a must-listen-to program. That was most evident this weekend as Raviv, whose journalistic background includes stints in London, Tel Aviv and now Washington, had a very compelling interview from Israel with fellow correspondent, Robert Berger, on President Obama's visit.

Moreover, it provided listeners who cherish candid and revealing news about the inner meetings involving Obama and Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. We got a inside tip, too, about the president's work to get the Israeli leader to restore ties with Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Erdogan.

It is radio at its best: a comprehensive breakdown of important news for people who like interviews, analysis, expert commentary and a breakdown of stories that are not covered as extensively in the local news domain.

Weekend Roundup is not limited to merely international news; it also deals with domestic stories and has a great deal of audio clips and the usual give and take with Raviv and the reporter on scene. If you want more bite and coverage this is a show that is worth making your radio constant.

Note: Mr. Raviv will guest on my radio show this Wednesday, from 2: 30- 3PM PT on KSCO/KOMY.

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  1. Totally correct. In this sound-byte radio and tv world, the work by Dan Raviv is always worth listening to, for depth and detail. Rather like "Frontline" on the radio. Quality broadcasting.

  2. I'm No SyncophantMarch 24, 2013 at 7:58 PM

    I look for to listening to your upcoming interview of the great Dan Raviv. As always, you deliver with incomparably great guests on "Lieberman Live."

    I want to laud you for "taking the gloves off" the other day and giving Ronn Owens the dressing down that he has long deserved for selling out his colleagues on KGO and lambasting him for touting a luxury cruise for which he has been "comped."

    I'm going to be blunt. Yours is the best talk show on radio today, hands down, and you are without a peer in the industry.

    Don't let the onslaught of anonymous personal attacks get you down and keep you from losing your focus. Ninety-nine percent of us are solidly behind you, Rich.

  3. I've always felt that Raviv has a significant right-hand slant. When GW Bush was in office, Raviv was a whitehouse correspondent, and was utterly fawning. During the election, he could be counted on to carry the GOP torch. Perhaps now he's dialed back the partisanship, or perhaps it's just beneath the surface. However you want to spin it, I have an issue of trust with this man's reporting.

    1. Agree, he's been and still is a tool for Israel.

  4. I'll second Dan Raviv's news stories. He does them very well.