Friday, March 15, 2013

Out today

Back Monday.


  1. Rich,
    Have a restful weekend! Have you heard anything about Greg Kihn coming back to SF radio? Maybe talk?

  2. Have you heard that cool new radio commercial?, usually on 910am......A fun new radio commercial. Did not catch the business name, WILL nxt time. It starts with lanquid beach type music, accompanied by light, lazy whistling, a young female voice over. She does not yell, speaks in a normal almost confidential tone. "Miss She" gently introduces us to a 'new system'.......... A man assumed to be the owner says If you don't leave here saying "I've just been WOWED, then I don't want your money.(right!) More whistling down the curvlinear promenade, more description from Mr. Owner boasting of his well dressed, trained, responsible employees ready to serve you. Just when the credibility seems to gel a young man's voice yells W O W !!!,,,,He must have just been WOWED...Evertime I hear it, that WOW startles me, makes me gasp and then laugh. No, I can't say I got the name of the company yet.

    1. It's some sort of heating and air conditioning company.