Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration Day 2013; John Rothmann on the Radio Show; Congratulations SF 49ers

Inauguration Day in Washington.

The Obama second term.  Politics and the Presidency is the topic of the day, (along with a certain football team from San Francisco).

I can't think of a better person to have on the radio show today than political analyst and renowned presidential historian, John Rothmann.

Rothmann will be my guest on both KSCO/KOMY from 12-2 PM PT, live, with analysis and commentary on President Obama's speech, his second term goals, and politics in general. Is there really something to the "second-term curse?" I'll ask Rothmann.

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  1. I flicked to 810 a couple of times to see if the NEWS and INFORMATION STATION was streaming the inauguration coverage. Only heard the regular programming with JJLee giving news updates. Why not carry it? Found it on 740 and 88.5.

  2. Excellent choice! Look forward to it!

  3. The worst President in US history. Case closed.

    1. OH brother..

      Step away from Fox quote George Carlin "it is bullshit, and its bad for you".

    2. Eh, I don't know about that. The second George Bush should be in that category. I'm sure there are others, but saying President Obama is the worst president in U.S. history is short-sighted and far fetched. I hate to go this route and sound like Stan, but it's racially motivated too in a sense. If President Obama was white, would you be making this same claim?

      Has President Obama broke some of his promises, and have some of his policies not come to fruition? Yes, but not all presidents keep their promises and do exactly what they say they're going to do. The U.S. economy was a train wreck before President Obama became president thanks to Bush, and even if McCain would've won, he probably would've faced the same hardships and probably had the same struggles as President Obama currently has. If Romney would've won, he probably wouldn't have turned this country around. He was selling us on BS.

      You're not telling me you would rather have had McCain and/or Romney be the president instead of President Obama, are you? If so, I'm sorry but, you've lost all credibility.

    3. Osama bin Laden is dead, the US auto industry is back on its feet, the Dow has doubled since he took office, he got us out of Iraq, next year we will be out of Afghanistan, 30 million people have health care that didn't before, you won't have to lose your house if you get sick, gays can serve their country openly. That's just a start. Wow, for him to be the worst,the rest of those presidents must have been pretty good!

    4. What was Hoover,Nixon and the Bush's? Supporters of the rich,and the KKK,and wars..secret or not.
      He even killed all the terrorists including Bin Laden. Oh,that's right..he's black. That's what you hate.

    5. Totally, bro. You seem smart. - David W

  4. Agreed, and yet he was re-elected along with his amazing VP. That offers me little optimism for the present and future American political scene : /

    The 2 party system offers only black and white for the polar fringes and the electoral college system blocks political alternatives (grey for the masses).

    The only ones not doomed are the politicians, our employees (and the media spin doctors). Win loose or draw, their nests continue to be feathered because we gave them the power to do so without any real oversight or consequences.

    It's a joke.

  5. Rich, you are hitting it out of the park today with John R.!! John is so informative. I am surprised that John is on KSCO on this special day. Santa Cruz's gain is San Francisco's loss.

    Congrats to you and KSCO!

    1. Should tell you something.

  6. Last year this day,I posted that in the 90's I dated a black insurance exec. Even though MLK wasn't a holiday,she always took that day off in honor of the great man.
    I then noted later that Pam Moore and Rod Brooks showed up like its another day.
    This year? Rod took the day off. One for Rod. Let's see if Pam(and the Comcast African Americans) works on passover you might say.
    Radich? sure he did. Laughed all day too. He can never have enough money.

    1. KNBR had a Warrior game starting at 1:00, so rather than have an abbreviated version of Fitz and Brooks, Kruger hung around for an extra hour. Actually might have been less than an hour because of a pregame show.

      There is no indication that Brooks took the time off to honor MLK.

      Rich Lieberman worked today. My wife and I worked today. WHY IN THE WORLD SHOULD RADNICH TAKE THE DAY OFF? Stan, you are mentally ill!

    2. The Warriors and Clippers didn't take the day off either dumbass.

    3. Yeah,Rod wasn't there...but YOU know why. Did you call Rod?.
      The NBA HONORED MLK by playing in his name that day. You idiots who equate Cumulus employee's with the African American players are fools-as always.
      Rich? Is Rich black?, I get all the nuts..not even mixed just the same boring ones over and over.
      There isn't a single intelligent person who missed my point.

      btw,Pam,who never found it important enough to include in her contract MLK off?,was there as the human Radnich Bobblehead. Like that moron,she's selfish and shallow.

    4. Stan, is there a logical point to all your ranting?

      You have decided that all African Americans, except for basketball players should take the day off from work on MLK's birthday? In other words, certain national holidays should be celebrated differently depending on one's ethnicity? Should only white Caucasians celebrate George Washington's birthdat?

      Pam Moore is selfish and shallow because she worked yesterday? HUH? And you are criticizing Radnich for working yesterday? HUH?

      Stan, this makes sense to you?

    5. It makes sense to thinking people. MLK IS A DAY OFF for most government,schools,banks, and UNION jobs. People of all the rainbow get the day off.
      Pam Moore? after 20 + years on KRON doesn't have the clout or will to take off MLK in honor?
      How about the latter?. Pam Moore has made zero impact on the bay area in 20 years. Her lack of backbone is one reason. To have such a visible job...and just make a buck yucking it up at all the bloated sports hosts jokes is shallow.
      Think before you answer 355. You would most likely then not post.

    6. "People of all the rainbow get the day off."

      Please translate into normal English Stan. Who does "people of all the rainbow" include? Are you saying that everyone gets the day off for MLK's birthday? You know that's not true right? Are you saying this is only a holiday for African American's right?

      MLK said people shouldn't be judged by the color of their skin but everything you say about Pam Moore is about the color of her skin. Stan, you should honor the words of Dr. King by following them.

    7. must have had problems reading the School,Banks,unions,etc part. I want people to know this is the ignorant KNBR types that I fight all the time. He didn't even understand what people of all the rainbow meant.
      I blame the Reagan-Bush education cuts.

    8. Stan, are you saying the African Americans who don't get the day off should take the day off? Is that the point you are trying to make?

      For some reason you are angry that Gary Radnich and Pam Moore worked that day. Do you think everyone should take the day off? Rich worked that day, bus drivers worked that day. Do you think all bus drivers should have taken the day off or just African American bus drivers?

  7. I think President Obama is doing an outstanding job. Let's look at some facts:

    U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
    Fed Spending: $3,820,000,000,000
    New debt: $1,650,000,000,000

    National debt: $16,420,000,000,000
    Recent budget cuts: $38,500,000,000

    Now, let's remove 8 zeros and pretend it's a household budget:

    Annual family income: $21,700
    Money the family spent: $38,200
    New debt on the credit card: $16,500

    Balance on the credit card: $164,200
    Total budget cuts so far: $38.50

    Super job! It will be interesting to see his approval ratings towards the end of his second term after our currency collapses, interest rates are 16%-20% and taxes will take >50% of your income FOR EVERYONE. Well, ok, for those that actually work. But Obamacare will pay for free condoms.

    1. I think you're missing the point of it all 7:53. It's about equality.

      Yeah, what you've earned...what's yours, now belongs to someone else, but think how wonderful the world will be. Obama has been criticized for "picking the winners and losers" but in reality, we're all winners :)

      4 years from now, the noble prize winning savior will ride off into the sunset on his multicolored unicorn.

    2. I think that post is total clowning because when you just go back to the Bush-era tax cuts, and their result on not only the budget but the economy, I think you'll start to get around to honesty.

      That said:

      Wake up.

    3. inequality-is-holding-back-the-recovery

      That's all I need to see. LOL. You go, kool aid drinker.

  8. Stop with simple math. You're making too much sense and the shills for the DNC will only regurgitate the b.s. propaganda the collectivist fools have deceived themselves with.

    and really, anybody who has to look at Bush to say Obama isn't as bad has pretty much lost the point of it all...The PRESIDENCY itself has been co-opted and puppeteer'd into a divide and conquer monstrosity that serves the crooks and criminalizes the masses.

    WAKE UP american fools.

  9. Hey Rich, thanks for having me on your show recently. It was fun talking sports and media with 'Mr. Media.' Keep enjoying yourself!

  10. For those American history challenged folks out there (and I think that includes most of us), one should look long at hard at the foibles of many past presidents before casting aspersions upon our current leaders.

    Some of the worst Presidents in US history (not necessarily in this order): Franklin Pierce 1853-1857 Pierce's administration helped overturn the landmark Missouri Compromise which had outlawed slavery north of the Mason/Dixon line, and replaced it with the Kansas/Nebraska Act which lay the foundation for the bloody border wars in those two states (particularly Kansas), a precursor to the Civil War.

    U.S. Grant - While he may have been ahead of his time when it came to his strong stance against slavery, Grant hired many cronies who robbed the country and created more shenanigans for the former Union Army General than he could have ever imagined.

    Wsrren Harding - "what is the greatest thing in life? Happiness! And there is more happiness in the American village, than any place on earth!"

    But poor old Warren was anything but happy as president. "I can't get away from men who dog my footsteps, I'm in jail," he once miserably proclaimed to his domineering wife.

    Thankfully for Harding, he died in San Francisco's Palace Hotel on the way back from a trip out west, about a year before Congress uncovered information that his Secretary of Interior (Albert B. Fall) had leased government lands to an oil baron for private profit.

    Richard Nixon- Though Nixon brokered 'Detente' with both the Soviets and China, and helped to put together a temporary cease-fire agreement in the Middle East, he was a disaster as a president. His prosecution of the Vietnam War for four long years nearly doubled the number of lives and amount treasure lost in a senseless war, and then of course there were the revelations of Watergate, perhaps the worst President scandal of all time.

    So next time you decide to eviserate a former US leader, check your history book and you might find some other, very worthy candidates as well!

  11. Great call on having John Rothman. Also, good call by MZ to have you host the show after the inauguration instead of the normal right wing 12-2 people in that time slot.