Thursday, December 20, 2012

NBC Bay Area's Diane Dwyer and KGO-TV's Don Sanchez on Lieberman Live Radio Saturday Night

Saturday Night Line-Up on Lieberman Live Radio.

8-9PM PT: KNTV, (NBC BAY AREA), weekend anchor/reporter, Diane Dwyer.

9-10 PM: KGO-TV's Don Sanchez

To listen live, click here

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  1. Diane Dwyer and Don Sanchez - Scintillating!

    1. Nothing titillates more than a triple D! Don S. and Diane Dwyer!!

  2. Are you going to ask Diane if she too has ever received any nude photos from viewers?
    And if not, where can we send them? :)

    (I'm kidding!!!)

    Ask her about the switch from Ch. 2 to KNTV. The reasons, etc.

    Thanks for getting the podcast thing worked out. I got a whole lot of listening to do.

  3. Hey Rich...enjoy your shows. It's good hearing some solid quality radio as opposed to the dreck that's on our local stations.

    I have a quick question for you, or perhaps some of your readers might fill me in. Who in the world is this "Monty' guy? I hear him on the weekends at KGO, filling in for Ron Owens, and this morning I turn on KNBR and this know-nothing blowhard is doing the KNBR morning show?

    Who is the dunderhead that makes the decisions to hire these baffoons such as 'Monty' in the first place?