Wednesday, December 5, 2012

KSFO's Sussman rips into Bob Costas, (Again); Fails to mention he does ads for Gun Shop

Brian SussmanIt was "whistle-blower" Wednesday on KSFO.

How ironic.

Brian Sussman, part of the station's morning show, tore into NBC' Bob Costas, (again), and lamented, repeatedly, Costas for his rant on gun control during halftime of Sunday Night Football.


Something Sussman didn't mention: The fact that he, (Sussman) does ads for a local gun store in the Bay Area that run on KSFO. You think there might be a conflict of interest?

Then again, I'm not surprised. Sussman plays to his base: primarily white male, gun-loving guys; truck drivers, Fremont, Pleasanton, and the like. That's a prime KSFO demo. And the SussMan knows where his bread and butter is. Nobody ever doubts that.

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  1. Sussman is a weaselly punk. You described his demo perfectly well, except you left out that they are also OLD. The angry, right wing old white male demo is a dying breed and that's a good thing.

    1. Trading in an "old, white male demo" for what, the likes of you? Calling a taxpaying, working man a "punk" from the safe confines of internet anonymity; disparaging a group for its age, race, and gender: what, are you supposed to be the bright, shining light of the future? I doubt it; you are no doubt exactly the gross disappointment that a reasonable person would suspect after reading your immature, ignorant opinion.

      Dying? Lord, take me now.

    2. Even Lindsey Graham said as much dear 3:22pm. There are NOT enough angry old white men to win anything in this country anymore. Sussman and his followers will soon disappear into oblivion and that is a big plus for our nation. Vayan con Dios.

    3. So Mr. Graham "said as much" did he? So show me where he called a law-abiding taxpayer a "punk" and celebrated the imminent passing of a specific race/gender of Americans.

      I won't hold my breath waiting for the evidence as I'm sure that it, like that big plus you see for your multicultural, gender neutral future, exists only in your head.

    4. 3:22s post is very amusing. I wonder if he is equally outraged when his idol the weather guesser Sussman denigrates Islam and its one billion followers by mocking Allah and referring to them all as Islamofascists. I doubt it. He probably yeeeehaaaws in agreement with the morning weasel.

    5. I guess when you can't defend a criticism aimed at your own despicable words you have no choice but to condemn your critic for idiocies of your own invention.

    6. What part of ”the angry white male is a dying breed” do you not understand grandpa?

    7. Hey 10:35, the country was once great while being lead by the demo you whine about...prosperous, civilized, content, etc. Time has changed things, to your delight, and the white guilt crowd has squeezed in all sorts of entitlements for those unfit to earn their way to the top. The country is no better off because of it, worse off actually.

      Sounds like your part of the"nothing is my fault/ lifes not fair" group that want a free ride in life, but one thing is for sure. You'd be speaking german and have blond hair and blue eye or be screwed if it weren't for the old group, their sacrifices, and their values.

      Hope you have a happy, non traditional holiday!

    8. @6:32 the problem with your longing for the good ol' days is that they were not so good for a large segment of our society. You can't celebrate the triumphs of that era while ignoring the gross injustices. The passing of the angry white male who thinks the 40s an 50s were great is long overdue. Go on and have a traditional Merry Christmas and shop 'till you drop.

    9. Rich here is a survey you may be interested in.
      75% of current NFL players . . . . own firearms!
      Care to revise your birdbrain comment on KSFO's demo?

    10. 8:17, your altruistic views conflict with the laws of nature. Animals, which we are, are selfish in nature~survival of the fittest. Toying with Darwinism is no less reckless genetically engineered produce. Romney is no genius but even he's smart enough to know that to sustain a healthy market, there needs to losers/failures.

      There are plenty of European countries that subscribe to your thinking. Move there, choke down their tax bills, and let capitalism recover.

      As for Sussman, never heard him, don't care. Why would anyone continue to listen if they find his remarks so repulsive? Hmmm.


    11. 12:12 never heard of Sussman but has spent the entire thread defending what Sussman stands the end he uses the equivalent of the dumb 60s line ”love it or leave it”. Actually you should leave. The angry white male era is over Johnson. Take a hike!

    12. Leave? Why would I want to leave now? It's just about to get interesting with the down sizing of government spending. The free loaders will be pissin and whining when the have to get jobs and pay taxes. I do hope the truly needy don't fall thru the cracks and get left out in the cold though.

      "heard" and "heard of" are two different things dumb dumb. The fact that I'm not a Suss listener doesn't make my point of view wrong. I found the OP's racist remarks worth addressing. Not angry, just saying.

      Bottom line is folks like me don't hike, we fight and compete for our share. You can take away our dirt bikes, our plastic bags, and our employment opportunities, but we're keeping our balls.

    13. Well, you were right about one thing. You are an animal. What kind of an ass wishes that his country continue to slide so more people suffer? Only a knuckle dragging buffoon would want that for his country. Fortunately, the angry white male's grasp on power is slipping ever so surely. Your little balls won't change a thing.

    14. I've been had! You strung me along believing that you're a person with the worlds worst case of liberal illness. I'm exposing you as a normal person having a good time giving me the business.

      See you at the gun range ; )

    15. I'll bring the Champagne, you bring the ammo. Let's have some fun! If only Boehner and Obama could work it out so amicably we'd be back on top! ;)

  2. When he was "Good Brian" on ch5 and did "Brian's Kids" he never mentioned how much he hated the kids crack dealing 47% who never pay taxes,entitled,parents. I wonder why?

  3. The whole thing is low-hanging fruit. As soon as the words came out of Costas' mouth you knew that this would be the "daily outrage."

  4. Excuse me, Rich? "Fremont, pleasanton" as bastions of white, gun lovin' truck drivers? There is so much wrong with that statement that I need not even try to fix your troglodyte bias. You said it all. Yuck.

    BTW, R.I.p. Dave Brubeck! He hailed from Concord too. Whaddya have to say about that, sweet cheeks?

  5. One of the more unlikely media transformations; from benign television weatherman to desperate talk show host. Sussman makes Steve Doocy look like Walter Cronkite.

  6. Fremont?? Richie, you got to get out more! For a rebuttal, I'll quote from the Book of Wikipedia here....

    "Fremont is the home to the largest concentration of Afghan Americans in the United States."

    "Among the Asian community of Fremont, the largest ethnic groups are Chinese, Indians, and Filipinos. Fremont and nearby Union City have fairly large numbers of Pacific Islanders, Cubans and Puerto Ricans, Spanish and Portuguese, and a small number of American Indians.

    "Fremont also has a large Deaf community, in large part because it is home of the Northern California campus of the California School for the Deaf. "

    "In the city the population was spread out with 25.8% under the age of 18, 7.7% from 18 to 24, 36.8% from 25 to 44, 21.4% from 45 to 64, and 8.3% who are 65 years of age or older. The median age is 34 years."

    "Politically, Fremont leans strongly to the Democratic Party."

    Fremont Demographic profile 2010
    Total Population 214,089 - 100.0%
    White alone 56,766 - 26.5%
    Black or African American alone 6,743 - 3.1%
    Asian alone 107,679 - 50.3%
    Hispanic or Latino (of any race) 31,698 - 14.8%

    For comparison, here are Pleasanton's numbers...
    Total Population 70,285 - 100.0%
    White alone 42,738 - 60.8%
    Black or African American alone 1,116 - 1.6%
    Asian alone 16,209 - 23.1%
    Hispanic or Latino (of any race) 7,264 - 10.3%


    That's almost as bad as somee media critic blogger promoting his Radio Program on the Blog!

    Can one imagine what a conflict of interest that might be?!!!

  8. 'Sussman plays to his base: primarily white male, gun-loving guys; truck drivers"
    Sounds just like that irritable old SOB from KGone, Dr.Bill, who tries so hard to identify with the "truck drivin guy", and the cowboy, and wants everyone to believe that he really worked on the atom bomb(yeah, he and about 10000 others).

  9. Sussman is very Fitzian. On the telly,Bob is a nice guy PBP "Oh no,you should never foul like that,it's not correct"(he really said that tonight). On the radio I'm sure Bob would have said "Jerk off!,glad to see his ass traded" or similar.
    I think he learned the art of being on both sides from Raddy.

  10. I love The commercial for City Arms Guns And Mmo store! 2 convenient locations! 1 in Pacifica and 1 in Pleasant Hill. Their business is booming because of the Sussman commercials! I love it!

  11. Five pm! Come on, dude! Rich promoting himself on his own blog is SO far from conflict of interest!

    I don't always agree with the guy, but I keep reading, as do you! Do you think he has spent all this time and energy only to NOT promote himself when the time comes?

    How silly!

  12. I never listen to him. I can't take him seriously. He is the angry weatherman. His side kick. She is even funnier. It is still probably better than KGO. Don't know I will stick to KSTE/KFI/KNEW for the most part.

    Additonal good radio= KSTE 4:00 Saturday 1st hand info on Short sales/Real Estate/Current Lender info. Also Saturdays @8:00 Dark secret place w/ Brian Suits KFI (real deal about all conflicts in the Middle East from a former purple hearts perspective) He provides interviews, and weapons knowledge, 1st hand experience & stories along with a differnt perspective.

  13. knuckle draggers misread the constitution

    no way did the founders expect that hand guns or semi automatics would be created and in no way could a hand gun be used as part of weaponry for well regulated militia

    why is it that one must be tested to own a drivers license and not a hand gun?

    people who are mentally disturbed or a risk, should not own a gun...and the only way to know is frequent testing

    but the nra cant have that, as 90 percent of their membership, including people i know, would have those guns ripped from their cold dead hands

    never owned a gun...never will

    but i carry pepper spray on a key for me

  14. Aren't you a white male? Why is there anything wrong with being a white male?

  15. Rich you forgot to mention your hero Michael Savage also does commericals for a Gun Shop in San Jose.

    An inconvenient truth . . .

  16. Rich, have you ever met a truck driver in your life?. You're what too classy or suave?. You don't know a damn thing about them, yet you spew all this vile superiority crap over people who disagree with you. Also might help if you actually got around to see the different parts of the Bay Area, there's more than sitting in a bunker in Oakland and waltzing into SF. Ass clown!

  17. What do you expect from Brian Suss-pool, who is a sellout to the corporate media and will say anything to get a rise out of people.

    20 years ago, he would have been laughed off the air, but not on today's testosterone driven right-wing, hate spewing radio.

    The guy can't truly believe the tripe he vomits out there every day, because 90 percent of it is so absurd that it's laughable. I listened to him once for about 10 minutes and was wondering:
    "who the heck is this clown?" Then he mentioned: "I'm Brian Susssman!"

    I thought, "Hey, isn't that the guy who used to do the weather on TV?" He's really come a long way....yeah right!

  18. The KSFO morning show has turned in to a joke. They hardly talk about anything real, just a lot of stupid laughter. This am Melanie was talking about her new toilet, which does not have any environmental restrections on it. The laughter and juvenile jokes went on for about 10 or more minutes. How embarassing, when Lee and Melanie was on, I rarely agreed, but the show was intelligent and informative, even if often you disagreed with the information.
    Now it is almost impossible to listen, I don't ever last more than 10-15 minutes.

    1. After Rich's original post I tuned in to the moronic show to hear how bad it was....and it was bad! The trio of morons spent a large part of Wednesday's show making jokes about a transgender person. It was very juvenile dumb radio. It made their Islamophobic rants sound intelligent.