Monday, December 3, 2012

ESPN Radio's Kincade off to CBS Radio Sports

It's official --John Kincade, formerly of ESPN Radio is headed to CBS Radio Sports, according to broadcast sources close to 415 Media.

My insiders tell me Kincade will be featured on CBS' weekday shows as he was on ESPN.

Look for an announcement this week.

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  1. I hope CBS radio never hires Freddie Coleman. I'm looking forward to losing espn radio off of the knibbler, and if I never hear Coleman again pretend like he actually knows about anything west of the Mississippi that will be fine with me.

  2. Yeah no more hearing the nasal sounding Amy Lawrance as well she along with Rod Brooks dont know how the last on the air this long.

    Whats up with NBC sports radio they only air a few hours a week with none during the day or morning parts?

    Hope 95.7 picks up one of the them and drops yahoo sports radio thier the worst of the bunch.

  3. I actually LOVE Freddie Coleman. I happen to think he IS pretty damn knowledgeable about sports here on the West Coast. You're probably ticked off because he doesn't fawn all over the Giants or Niners like our hometown loser broadcasters do.

    I did not grow up here in 'Frisco...excuse me, THE CITY. So I appreciate Freddie's unbiased reporting when it comes to Bay Area teams. He's knowledgeable, funny, and has great rapport with his guests or anyone he works with.

    I cannot STAND any of the the Bay Area talk show hosts.

  4. Freddie Coleman, Amy Lawrence cannot leave my earphones soon enough. Same thing with JCoachmen.

  5. Add Ben Maller FSR to the list of people who should be banished on the airwaves. No wonder he works late night weekend.