Saturday, December 29, 2012

A One-Two Punch on Lieberman Live: Ralph Barbieri and Ted Robinson

Ralph Barbieri will be my guest on Lieberman Live Sunday Night from 8-10 PM PT.

I don't normally do two hours with a guest but given the fact it's Ralph, I have a ton of questions and I'm sure you, Bay Area and beyond, do too. The time, I think, is worth it.

This will be interesting. There's those of you who have insinuated that I'm going to lob softballs at Ralph. Stop right there.

I've told Ralph that I'm going to ask him some questions that he'll probably not like, but that's the way it goes. And besides, if you've read me long enough you know that I've been critical of Ralph, ample times in fact; this will not be a puff-piece interview, I can assure you. Tough, but fair. That's what you expect and that's what you're going to get.


8-9 PM: Ted Robinson, 49ers radio PBP broadcaster
9-10 PM Ed Berliner, Veteran TV/Radio Anchor
10-11 PM : Open Lines West Coast


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  1. Any Stan mentions come up?. I'm going to have to catch Ralph on the second hour on the podcast..that's still ratings right?

  2. I'm looking forward to your shows Rich, I hope you heed some of the positive and constructive criticism some of us have given you and conduct excellent interviews. Shabbat Shalom bro'!

  3. I fully expect you to lob soft balls at this guy.

    I haven't listened to one of your shows and this won't be the first one, live anyways. What I will do is look forward to the podcast and if I'm wrong about my expectation, I'll tune in regularly going forward. But I don't doubt the softness of bay area media does not exempt you, sir.

  4. You should ask him about the other lawsuits against Cumulus. I understand the former Marketing Director of KGO has a case against Cumulus violating his FMLA rights. How come no mention of this in your blog over the past few months? A senior manager at KGO resigns abruptly and you don't know about it? What about the Sales Manager suing Cumulus for firing her after coming back from cancer treatment? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. So I guess you're going to ask Ralph if his female admirers send him nude photos/videos. Is that right?

  6. Is "Open Lines West Coast" where you take phone calls, or is it your extended monologue?

  7. 2 Hours?? I assume it will be a 10 minute phrased question, and a 20 minute long answer from Ralph that would have taken someone else 45 seconds to answer ;)

  8. Ask him if his interview style finally got the best of him. His endless fucking questions never drew out an answer from hs guest. In fact, they were a vehicle for the petty egomaniac to show how much he "knew". Every damn one of his questions could eventually be answered with a simple Yes, or No. I couldn't stand it and turned 680 off.

  9. Ask Ralph if it is a true story, that he took a parking spot for Sabean or Larry Baer, and the security guard said that you can't park here, his nasty reply was' Do you know who I am"

    Also I tried to listen to Ralph but it is obvious that he didnot follow sports anymore and sounded like a intern next to Tolbert.

  10. At one time, Ralph was entertaining to listen to, but over the last seven or eight years of his tenure at KNBR, he was essentially mailing it in. But Bungerhole and Cumulus handled the dismissal clumsily, and hopefully they'll settle with Ralph and give him a million bucks or so to avoid the embarrassment of bad publicity that would result from a court case. Angela Alioto is representing Ralph, and you best believe that Angela will raise a stink and expose as many warts as she can about Cumulus if they don't settle. In case you haven't noticed, Cumulus is a very BAD radio company, and they have essentially ruined bay area radio. But in defense of Cumulus, Ralph did sound tired, old, disinterested, and slow on the air, and it was high time he was given his walking papers. Ratto is so much better, and he actually goes to games and knows what he's talking about. Ralph was also very lucky that Tony Salvadore liked him so much as he was annoying, dysfunctional, and basically treated 'the little people' around the radio station very poorly.

  11. Ted Robinson and Ralph B two completly different parts of the Media. Ted can talk intelligently and bring to the air and bring insightfull thoughts and opinions on all sports since he has covered them all and is respectfull to callers and guests alike something Ralph has failed to do. Like the time Ralph called a female reporter who was black something like selling drugs reference.

    Ted should host a show full time on KNBR but proably does not really fit the format of schtick and sound drops etc that is rampant on KNBR. should have 3-7 pm show and put tolbert out to pasture or move him 12=3pm and show brooks the door.