Monday, November 12, 2012

That 'Major Announcement' for Monday

I delayed the news because of some local developments here; check back on Tuesday or Wednesday late in the day.


  1. With all the build up, this must be some enormous news. Will probably send shock waves through the entire bay area.

  2. My prediction if anyone cares. Announcing the new hosts for the KGO Morning Program: Longtime local media blogger Rich Lieberman and longtime weekend host Brian Copeland. It's certainly a better pairing than Gary Radnich and Damon Bruce!

    The Shadow Nose

  3. Do you see a change in 95.7 the Game? Drew Hoffar, who was part of the morning team and sports updates (formerly of KHTK in Sacramento), is returning to Sacramento effective Nov 13. Drew will be part of the morning show, the Don Geronimo Show. He was there previously but went to SF when Whitey Gleason and Mark Kreidler jumped to the Game.

  4. 'The Game' will never get any kind of decent ratings until they get on a frequency that can be heard all over the bay area. But that's not the problem. The real problem is their competition: KNBR which has been all-sports since 1992, and has a 50 thousand watt clear channel signal, and carries the 'Big Three' bay area sports teams.

    'The Game' has some good shows and hosts, but generally speaking, no one outside of a few hard core sports fans, and fans of the Oakland A's, know that they even exist. It's a shame!