Friday, November 9, 2012

Sunday News Programs Ratings--Nov 4

Network Program Total Viewers A25-54


“Meet the Press” 3.226M 1.06M


“Face the Nation” 3.225M 879K

ABC “This Week” 2.886M 913K

FOX “Fox News Sunday” 1.566M 646K


  1. LD: Hey, Gary, it's Lew. How do you like San Francisco?

    GP: It's great, sir. Just cracking skulls over here in the office. Blood everywhere. Carcass for dinner, sweat for breakfast. Power lunches. 25 hour days, 8 days a week, except Columbus Day, of course.

    LD: Great, Gary. That's why we love you.

    GP: It is, sir. It is.

    LD: Well, we (cut off).

    GP: Sir, if I could add something?

    LD: Go right ahead, Gary.

    GP: I love you guys too.

    LD: Oh. Okay, Gary. That's great to hear. Thank you.

    GP: No, thank you.

    LD: Anyway...Gary, can you get to New York City this week, say Tuesday and Thursday?

    GP: Why's that? Do you need me to stop the flooding waters?

    LD: Well, not so much the water. Just our talent seems to be flowing out the door. Seems we lost another market manager today, to Clear Channel, no less.

    GP: He was an asshole anyway. Fuck that guy.

    LD: Oh, you heard?

    GP: Heard what?

    LD: Well, umm, anyway Gary. Do you think you could maybe crack some skulls on Tuesdays and Thursday in San Francisco, but do Mondays and Wednesdays in New York?

    GP: Of course, sir. I love New York. I went to St. Johns, sir. I am New York.

    LD: That's great news, Gary. We appreciate it.

    GP: By "we" do you mean John?

    LD: Yes.

    GP: Did you tell him what I said before about my mutual feelings?

    LD: I haven't, but I'll be sure to. Anyway, back to the schedule I just proposed. Monday and Friday in New York, Tuesday and Thursday in the Bay Area. You're okay with that?

    GP: Yes sir, but what about Friday, Saturday, Sunday and that eighth day I always put in? What will I do on those days?

    LD: Well, would you like to work those days?

    GP: Do you want me to?

    LD: Is Atlanta a problem?

    GP: Only if talent is leaving!

    LD: Well, we think it will be.

    GP: Okay.

    LD: Sure, you can work those days.

    GP: I appreciate it. I really love you guys.

    LD: One last thing, Gary.

    GP: What's that?

    LD: Do you mind paying for your own airfare?

    CUMULUS Talk WABC-A and Hot AC WPLJ/NEW YORK President/Market Manager STEVE BORNEMAN has exited the cluster to move to the crosstown CLEAR CHANNEL cluster in a management position.
    BORNEMAN served as GSM at WPLJ in 1999-2004, then as WPLJ and then-sister RADIO DISNEY affiliate WQEW-A Station Manager before being named President and GM at WABC in 2006 and adding back WPLJ duties in 2009.
    That leaves CUMULUS with an opening, and it's looking for someone to oversee WABC, WPLJ, and the soon-to-be-added WFME. The company calls the Market Manager position "an outstanding opportunity for managers desiring to set the sales pace for these potent assets in the world’s media epicenter" and says it is looking for "the 'best of the best' with major market pedigree."

  2. If verifiable, this should be on the main blog page, rather than in the comments section. IMHO

  3. I sure wish KPIX ran all of Face the Nation, instead of breaking it up into two half hour blocks, about six hours apart, on Sunday.