Friday, November 9, 2012

Right-Wing Radio still aghast at Obama victory; Friday Zingers


*Yes, that was an ugly deal in Oakland involving a beaten KPIX cameraman. The union is demanding security during any more reporting in the city and will probably prevail. Fortunately, the cameraman is OK and reporter/anchor, Anne Makovec was not harmed, just a little shaken.

*The morning-zooish transformation of the KSFO Morning Show is telling. When devoid of thought, amp up the fart button, scream and yell, and lament the fact that your white guy demo was soundly trounced by an incumbent president.

You can thank "ObamaCARE " and dole out race-baited crap by innuendo, ("free health care, food stamps, free-this, fee-that") and that'll temporarily spike the ratings, but the mad scientist and cat-scratch fever traffic chick will ultimately lose even the most loyal listeners. White truckers doesn't make for a sustained audience.

*Speaking of KSFO, right-wing radio still is aghast over the election. Maybe they haven't read the room. Sure, they can bitch and bemoan, but the truth is that a majority of the people reject the notion of hate-based vitriol, vile, mean-spirited hurtful gimmick voices that dominate the terrestrial airwaves. In the end, all it meant was that Obama and the progressives prevailed, while the tea-party types are still whining.

*Karl Rove: Out of the room.

*Fox News: Bad news: Obama wins. Good news: Hannity has four more years worth of shows to slap Obama.

*Dick Morris: maybe CNN?

*Keith Olbermann Update: will work and has resumes to give out.

*MORE KSFO: way to cater to the white-guy demo: send fingernails-on-chalkboard chick to a Chic-Fillet opening in Walnut Creek. Good marketing. Maybe you should double up on the token conservative African-American guy whose specialty is to deride Obama with hateful words, even by KSFO standards, if they have any.

*CurrentTV: anybody home?

*The age-old question continues: Does NBC Bay Area, (KNTV), want to be a San Jose/Silicon Valley station or a SF outlet? It has to be one or the other because the present model ain't working.

*No, it's not a crime to say that Ama Daetz is better to look at than Alan Wong. Daetz is as smart as a whip and that's why she's solo-anchoring and Wong is in the field, reporting, which isn't such a bad gig.

*KTVU has a decision to make on one of its underrated weekend anchors. A solid pro who should be taken care of before an outside outlet barrels in and offers up a better deal. Time to act--not re-act.

*Hats off to Talk 910's political guru extraordinaire, ex-KGO voice, John Rothmann, for his extraordinary election-night analysis with steady newsman, Sebastian Kunz. Fine work.

*Dianne Sawyer: I never found it funny to make fun of a person with a problem. Maybe it's just me.

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  1. Rich, a big part of the problem at KNTV is the senior management is made up of network corporate types who parachuted into the Bay Area without a clue about the cities, the industries, the issues or the people. I suspect these people tend to think San Jose and San Francisco are basically "all the same place," along with Contra Costa, Alameda and Marin.

    On the upside, if it rains we can always count on KNTV to show us a reporter standing out in the rain. Apparently there is no other way to tell us that it's raining.

    1. Spot on, & nicely stated...IMHO

  2. Rich, we haven't had a local tv station here in San Jose since the old KNTV days, Doug and Maggie. It would serve all involved if they just moved up 101 and left the south bay.

  3. Rich does that include Michael Savage?
    We all know you are an admirer of his.

  4. Thanks, Rich! Nice commentary.

    As a person of a bit more conservative values than some of my friends who are a bit more liberal, I detest KSFO's hate-spewed invective.

    At least with Savage, as you have so accurately noted, I can turn the volume down or go back to cleaning the house when he goes off on politics.

    That said, Savage is the best storyteller and intellect on radio today. I just happen to tune out his politics, even though I am considered by all my liberal friends to be conservative.

    Well, this conservative at least respects President Obama for being a fine gentleman, a wonderful father and a good husband. When he flew over our city on one of his visits, my wife and I stood out and waved.

    My liberal friends were astounded, but they shouldn't be. Had I voted, this conservative would have voted for President Obama and he would have been the first Democrat I had ever voted for for president. I would have done so for the sake of the nation.

    Vulture capitalism with its fascist tendencies to mix government and big business (example: our military-industrial war machine) is bad for America.

    And, I also don't believe in legislating my personal values on others, something the Republicans need to stop doing. In a pluralistic society, we should welcome all religions, including Islam, Brian Sussman and so many conservative talk-show hosts and politicians.

    Your fear-mongering, hatred and racism has driven many conservatives like me to being part of the silent and non-voting minority in America, where more people stay home than vote.

    1. YAAAAWWWWWNNNNNNN........I'm sorry, did you say something?

    2. I have to say: after not having heard Michael Savage for years, I find him better than ever--energetic, quick-witted, articulate, spot on. And when I get tired of his rants, I switch the channel.

  5. I meant silent majority in my recent post. Typo.

    Oh, and as for your not making fun of a person with a problem, I agree.

    We all have problems.

  6. Re: Sawyer... is it mean to make fun of somebody with a "problem"? Sure. But it *was* a story on Tues nite. And much of the early "tweeting" about it was just as concerned for her health (was it a stroke?) as it was snarky about whether she was drunk or over-medicated. The fact that ABC let her go on that way is certainly worth discussing.

  7. I like all of your blogs Rich, but only one thing made me roll my eyes in this one. Why does a African-American conservative have to be labelled as being "token?" I think that is unfair and disrespectful to African-Americans who do not have the same political views as most liberals of their same demographic. I happen to be a Latino conservative. I realize that most Latinos don't share my political opinions, but many many many do! I would be offended if anyone every called me a token Latino conservative.

  8. Tood +1.

    Yes, Sussman and others could use a little finesse. Obama seems like a good husband and father. But the list pretty much ends when you get to politics or fiscal matters.

    The fact that Obama considered Franklin Marshall Davis a great and wise man, mentor, and father figure, tells you something. He refferred to him 25, 30 times in his first book. After he became famous, he edited out deal old "Frank" from the audio version of his book!! Bingo.

    Noting an explosion in Food Stamp spending is not racist; is it racist to note that Disability spending is through the roof!?? And now we can't question Susan Rice about 4 Americans who were butchered in Libya, b/c that is sexist and racist?

    I'm no Sussman or Levine. But I can see where Levine comes from when we now have the head of the EPA creating and using private email accounts to circumvent "open gov't" laws!! Atlas Shrugged? Yep, she is reported to have used these private accounts to help further advocate for Global Warming! Is is racist or sexist to have these basic questions answered?

    I guess I was too stupid to realize that my heavy criticism of Hilary Clinton and Jimmy Carter for like beliefs and actions was really just sexism and racism.

    How silly.