Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sour Grapes in the Conservative Forest; KSFO's Sussman calls Obama "Skinny Socialist''; Rove Meltdown on Fox; Election 2012; The Day After

Oh, the whining. The screams, the cries. And we haven't even mentioned Karl Rove yet, still shaking his head and probably concocting a IRS audit at a Fox News election number staffer. More on that later.

The early viewing on cable was a hard-nosed delve through the land of CNN, FNC, and MSNBC. I stayed mostly with Wolf Blitzer and company because I couldn't stand the thought of Meghan Kelley calculating why Mitt would soon bellow out that he'd already conquer the Florida panhandle. Nor did I look forward to hearing human bullhorn, Chris Matthews, shout that he'd been told by "my sources" that Ohio was awash in Obama voting improprieties, which even if true, (and I was a believer), I wanted no part of Matthews tired act.

So, I opted out for a full frontal force of Wolff Blitzer and John King and his computerized techo-board highlighting the Virginia counties that would pelt Mitt into perpetual Harold Stassen conversations, albeit with more capital.

As the afternoon turned into early evening and the states that were projected blue and red were to emerge true to form, (except Florida where as far as I know, the counting will conclude near Christmas), the results began coming in fast and furious. Nothing was official, of course--few precincts, "4% of the results in", yada, yada, yada, switch to Fox News and glance at Brett Baier's Beaver Cleaver act. At least Baier has the intellect, by FNC standards, to try to be objective and isn't seduced by the human boor, 1, Brit Hume, and 1A, Chris Wallace. Little did the Fox trifecta of Kelley, Baier, and Wallace know only a few hours later that Rove would fluster all of 'em with a cable meltdown of epic proportions; an event that appeared to have shaken the Murdoch cable palace and leave blondiful Kelley speechless. Double damn!

The first hint that Mitt was about to have a bad night: Michigan was projected as an Obama win, by Fox of all networks. But wait, there's more. Twenty minutes later, Fox was the first to declare Pennsylvania went for the President. Double damn! At this point, even Matthews and Rachel Maddow were too busy and excited glancing at their IPads so I meandered back over to CNN and was again treated to John King and Blitz Wolfer scoping out every northern Ohio county and contemplating the coming theatre of Wisconsin. By this time, the electoral model was eliciting absolutely no surprises. The polls were dead-on and the NY Times election version of Tom Brady, Nate Silver, was already doing interviews for Salon and MSNBC.

At twelve minutes past 8, local time, NBC, not MSNBC, but NBC News declared Obama the winner. Wham, bam, thank you maam! Then again, it's NBC, so I held off. Then again, even NBC, with its GE pedigree and Manhattan/Wall Street contacts, had to know something. They did. For a change they were first, and they were right, first.

Even Fox News reported the same. "Ohio goes to the President", bellowed a FNC "alert". "Wait!, not so fast, " chortled King Rove, wait on Ohio and don't be so sure. But Karl, uh, just why? Because according to Rove, it was way too early and to be "cautious." Not to back down, Rove went further even lecturing, on-air no less, to check the statistics and be careful. Cut to dead silence on the Fox news set. Dead silence. Awkward? More like flustered personified, enough to make Dick Morris look for a pair of female toes to suck on. (And Dick, nice call of a 'Romney landslide', was later seen munching on a cold pastrami with George Will at the Carnegie deli--wonder who bought?) The Rove spectacle was better than a theatre of the absurd--it sort of reminded me of a mini-freak-out session by Bill O'Reilly when "we're gonna go LIVE!--let's do it Live!" Priceless.

As Ohio was officially called, soon after, Wisconsin was in the Obama fold. Chicago hotel shots began to dominate the screens across the cable forum. Boston was quiet. Mitt was busy re-writing his "victory speech." The President was smelling re-election victory. Ho-hum. Maybe in the end, it wasn't so much an affirmation for Obama--more an out and out rejection of the Romney flip-flops, the out-of-touch billionaire who never captured the attention of Democratic, working-people core constituencies like women, young people, minorities, and independents. White men alone does not a victory make.


I eagerly awaited Wednesday morning. KSFO, the local right-wing-dominated GOP machine, was fast and furious with a trio of depressed performers. The Morning Show requisite name-calling and glib usage of "libs" gone bad was front and center. The mad scientist was positively disgusted, castigating an electorate that dared reject the ultimate Bain loser. At one point, he, SussMAN!, referred to Mr. Obama, the President, as the, "Skinny 'Socialist." This wasn't meant to be a joke, SussMAN!, the mad scientist, was serious. So too was his co-host who sounded so disgusted and belittled she had to hold back the venom that reeked inside her. I like Melanie Morgan, personally, and even though we disagree on just about everything, I was nonetheless, disappointed, even by Dickeyesque/Cumulus-controlled, KSFO and its drip-drip disregard for the office. The callous "traffic chick" who sounds like wallpaper on a Rembrandt, blurted out her usual banalities. If she truly mattered, I would have been severely pissed off, but her verbal jousts amount to nothing more than a horny carnival barker outside a North Beach strip club on a Tuesday. Pass the salt and pepper and enjoy the after-dinner mints.

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  1. Any comments on local radio coverage? I think 910 did a nice job, Sebastian Kunz is a strong newsman...John Rothman offers good, if a little stodgey commentary. Then John started taking calls a bit after 11pm and I was no longer interested (too many "We need you back on the air/I love you John" calls...and all his regular political nerd callers), I switched back to KGO, but their new commitment to news seems to have ended at 11pm, 'cause that bumbling, poor-audio-quality, 12-hours old filler from Bloomberg they play every other night was running.

  2. Haha! It's been fun listening to the sour grapes coming from the regressives. El Rushbo is apoplectic. I haven't listened to this blowhard in years, I had to tune in for fun! Savage last night sounded depressed, hahaha!! My Facebook feed has been especially entertaining. After last night's GOP disaster some right wingers are celebrating that at least Sheriff Joe Arpaio won! Lol, you know your party is in trouble when your only important victory comes from a xenophobe in AZ

  3. Skinny socialist or weak commander in chief?
    Take your pick.

    1. I'll pick skinny commander in chief.

    2. Thoughts on the coverage:

      I stayed with the lower channels for my coverage last night. NBC seemed to be the first to call it for Obama with ABC waiting almost 10 minutes before they followed.

      CBS- Scott Pelley seemed to be the typical stuffed shirt while vainly trying to not get caught on camera wearing his glasses. Thank goodness for Bob Schieffer for adding some gravitas.

      NBC-Normally I like Brian Williams but I was enjoying CBS more. That set with the flags, Rock Center, ice rink, and colors was great though. Is that poor guy still freezing his ass off waiting to color in Florida?

      ABC-I'm not sure if Diane Sawyer was really buzzed but it made it more interesting than the short bore George Stephanopoulos. Diane should have sent him out for more white wine. Poor Katie Couric, once CBS' go to for hard news, relegated to celebrity tweets as she tries to regain her former NBC fluffy news roots. Kind of sad really.

      PBS-Just okay.

      The line of the night for me was when one talking head mentioned it was Demographics over Economics. And then one graphic showed the stats to back that up. While almost 60% of White America went Romney, that wasn't enough to counter the obvious African-American vote for Obama but also Obama won big with the Latino/Hispanic vote, the Asian vote (which can go conservative), the young vote, and, of course, the single women vote.

      And just to hammer that point home even further, Obama HQ shots in Chicago and the Times Square celebrations featured a very diverse group of people while the Romney HQ in MA and even the local coverage of Republicans at an SF steakhouse on NBC featured a heavily white audience of older folk or young preppy types with tan slacks and dark blue blazers.

      The overall message is, with America becoming more diverse, the Republican party will need to find a way to have these groups identify with them since the white rich demo is a shrinking demo.

      Also, while it might seem like a whole lot of money was spent on what was basically a stalemate in Washington, some might consider it a defensive "holding the line" victory. But then Liberals might have come out more ahead with victories in some states for legalizing pot and gay marriage.

      And is the vote in Puerto Rico the most underrated story of the night? Could we be seeing a 51st state?

  4. Rich, I knew Romney was in trouble when Obama won Massachusetts. You just can't have your ass handed to you in your home state! Not when you were once the Governor.

  5. It was entertaining watching Fox deal with their internal melt down after drinking their own kool aid for months, but in the end, Rush Windbag will be the big winner in his ratings for the next few months.

  6. The smart ones at abc called Obama and Romney "the last two white men we will see running for president" jake tapper had to remind them that Obama is African American. Yes they must have just left Colorado.

    1. They were all drinking.....

    2. Matthew Dowd, who is actually very good, but yes that was really bad, but Obama is half white, many forget that.

  7. I can't wait for Kay Zwerling's next editorial on KSCO. She and her dumb son have been riling up the old wobblies in the Central Coast. Lol!! I wonder if she will still quote Donald Trump!!??

  8. I -a lib- enjoyed the FOX watching. You would have thought it was a Romney landslide early on. The map was all red,Romney was up 161-157 in delegates..and everything else "was too close to call"..even as CNN called Virginia for Obama. But,I didn't care about accurate or fair..I wanted FOX.

  9. This is totally off topic, but is there any chance of there being a one year protest march/get-together of ex-KGO fans in early December to mark the "anniversary" of the blood bath of our once-great radio station? I still have my candle from last year. I'm still grieving. Then we can all go somewhere afterwards for drinks or something. I wish more had been done last year... not that it would have changed anything. I still want to connect with fellow fans. Maybe you could arrange it, Rich?

  10. "The fact that we are here today to debate raising america's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the us government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our government's reckless fiscal policies.

    Increasing america's debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, "the buck stops here.' instead, washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better."


    1. 6 trillion dollars and counting later........................

    2. President Obama, and his supporters may have won the Battle, but we as Americans have all lost the War. As a Nation we have never been more divided, the proof is in the popular vote.

      After the re-election of Obama the DOW is down 300%. After the 1st of the year there will be huge lay-offs, in the U.S. This is the 1st time in American History that a President with such a horrific Economic Record has ever been re-elected. Yes, the "Best Is Yet To Come." Hold on America, its gonna be a rough 4 year ride.

    3. The DOW going down has NOTHING to do with the is has to do with the "fiscal cliff" approaching.

      If Romney had won, the DOW would have done the same...

      Please, have some knowledge on markets and math...but again if we didn't have those who make these kind of statements and assertions, we wouldn't have blogs, or likely the GOP:)

    4. @831 is right on. The market went down because of negative news about Europe's economy, specifically Germany. Talking sense to right wingers is futile. They will blame Obama for everything that happens under the sun and give him credit for nothing. So it goes, fortunately the Repubs are a dying breed as we know them.

    5. And the line "As a Nation we have never been more divided, the proof is in the popular vote." shows that someone is forgetting the elections from 2000 as well. Just as divided then.

      Bush didn't bring us together. Obama didn't bring us together. The only one that has in 12 years was Osama Bin Laden. And it was his extremist act that has made this country's thinking and rhetoric more extreme as well. Kind of sad.

  11. Well maybe Dick Morris should start listening to Wall St, or at least people who do math like Nate Silver?

    I never thought this election would be close, and quite frankly it's even closer than I thought it would be.

    Right now the people I connected with in finance are spot on in that Obama will win every state except Florida, except it looks like he won that won as well.

  12. For a guy who's candidate won,Rich you sound like a little bitch. Still calling out Romney, Who the hell are you?. Examine what a quality person this man is, look at the Chicago gang campaign of lies aimed at him, and have some fucking class. You can't because you have zero.

    1. Don't get mad at Rich. Romney lost because of Romney. He denegrated 47% of the electorate, he said people should ”self-deport”, he kept changing positions on issues and he was not even the Repubs' candidate of choice. Keep up the great work Rich!

  13. Sussman is the worst of the worst

  14. Romney lost because he's wholly dishonest in campaigning, and the likelihood is he's probably no different in business life. In the "winner take all" aspect of finance/private equity, I have met guys just like him who are willing to say practically anything to get a deal done, regardless of whether it's true or not.

    At Harvard business school in 2000 they were still teaching that the future corporate model in business was Enron and Tyco, companies that can "do everything." They stopped giving that lesson. Romney is no different from countless others who cut his teeth in business and at HBS, where zero sum is an acceptable strategy even while you're supposedly operating in an environment that benefits both sides to an agreement, as well as employees.

    Had Romney actually been forced to disclose the type of work he did day to day, or divulged his tax returns, not only would he have lost, but he wouldn't even have been in the primary.

    Romney lost because of what we saw. Had you seen the entire picture he wouldn't even have been considered.

    There are no ethics/morals for so many in business and to get where Romney did it was no different for him. That's why he said the thing which cost him Ohio, "I heard a story today...Jeep...moving to China..." It was entirely untrue. I mean, he may have "heard that story", but the story itself was completely false yet that didn't stop him for saying it. In an election that close he had one opportunity to speak during Hurricane Sandy and he chose to lie.

    He was no different during the entire campaign.

    Yes, a better candidate could have defeated Obama because he was weak in so many areas, but not one candidate standing on that stage during their primary was worthy of doing so. They chose the least bad option; the private one with little record to scrutinize. What record he did have he ran against.

  15. @7:22 "...have some fucking class."

    This coming from a person whose inane post is littered with filth.

  16. Let's continue down this path, increase taxes and bail out the drug thugs and the economy will be great. Give them more money so they can stay high. Free money, America is great! Obama is great! Ca is great! We are all rich lets share our wealth with the "unfortunates"

    "The fact that we are here today to debate raising america's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure......Leadership means that, "the buck stops here.' ....... America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better."


    If he wants credit then he also has to take blame. Can't blame previous adminstration anymore. Hahaha....

    1. ”Drug thugs”!!?? You sound like a complete imbecile so I will not waste anytime asking you to expand on that term. Go ahead and keep copying and pasting that 2006 quote. It seems to entertain you.

  17. Brian Sissyman was extremely bitter Wednesday morning...and it didn't let up any at all on Thursday morning.

    However, Mark Levin took the prize as the bitterest of all of the so-called 'conservatives.' And he was worse today. I wonder if anyone has pointed out to him that the Tea Party is just too extreme for most Republicans to back.

  18. What's really sad is that the Republicans in Congress will continue to be in the obstructionist mode, blocking every move they can of the President, just because they can. The Republican Party of the 21stc century has become the party of nullification and close-mindedness.

    It all started when right wing ideologue Newt Gingrich led he 'Republican Revolution' in 1994 to "take back Congress" after years of Democratic domination. A collective frayed ego by hard-core conservative along with a burning wish for 'payback' after 'years of humiliation' turned the GOP into a party of whining, angry, petty, vindictive,
    screaming juveniles, and it was a disgrace to watch this spectacle unfold. Their past actions have not only undermined our Democracy, but they have unfortunately shown the rest of the world how small minded and petty some of our lawmakers will be.

    Conservatives have given us the disaster of George Bush for eight years, a wasteful war in Iraq, a Supreme Court justice
    (John Roberts, a Bush Nominee) who upheld Citizens' United, and
    deregulation (although some of the Dems were guilty here too), that has marginalized the middle class, and downsized many of our industries (including radio).

    I always get a kick out of Conservatives complaining about Obama being a Socialist. How about all of the corporate welfare that Republicans have allowed our nation's big businesses to bilk from the coffers of our government? They complain about "government that's too big," but why no complaints about mega companies that downsize and offshore, or others that make a profit off of our natural resources (gas, oil, mining, cattle) and pay a mere pittance for the use of the lands and water from which they extract their profits.

    The fact is that a sizable number of Americans still have their heads up their a-holes because they're being screwed by big business and don't even know it, yet they STILL support the party that pimps for big business that screws them over.

    Thankfully, the demographics of the American voter has changed, and the majority now support President Obama.
    The Republican party needs to 'reinvent itself' unless it wants to be just a marginal party that does nothing but whine and complain and impede the progress of our attempt to recover our economy. That's not doing the right thing for this country and if anything, it's being UN-AMERICAN. HYPOCRITES!

    1. As a person who would be considered conservative by most people who write comments here, and as a person who is hated by today's Tea Partyesque-type conservatives like the bigoted Melanie Morgan, Brian Sussman and catscratch traffic chick, I concur with many of your views.

      The vile hatred spouted by Melanie Morgan and Brian Sussman is not something conservatives should do or be proud of. It should be condemned.

      Having never voted for a Democrat for president, including the present one, I no longer vote. The system is broken. Our economy has been gutted by BOTH parties and the real issue of mass unemployment is not being dealt with at all. Nor will it be.

      And, as far as giving money away to the undeserving, what about our perpetual state of war since World War II, with only a few years separating each "conflict" we've been in?

      What about the corporate WELFARE that all the employees, owners, stockholders, etc. of the perpetual warfare military-industrial complex? The money invested in this quasi-fascist model is something that Melanie Morgan and Brian Sussman are incapable of understanding.

      Instead, they give us Tatiana from the former USSR to tell us that we are heading for Marxism, and yet they ignore the fascist business model of our very corrupt military-industrial complex.

      If today's reactionaries known as Republicans were truly conservative, they would heed Eisenhower's words that warned of a military-industrial complex that would seek to advance itself at the expense of America.

      And it is this military-industrial complex that has bankrupted America by its Wall Street greed and imperialistic foreign policies, not phantom welfare queens whose stereotypes come out of Jim Crow.

      That is not to say there are not those taking advantage of welfare, food stamps, etc., but they are not dominated by people of color, since the majority on these programs are white.

  19. Good point. True conservatives would agree with you. And I think that the Republican Party at present is so far removed from reality that it's going to take a disaster (like a full-blown depression) to get most numbscull and lazy Americans off out of couch-potato distracted mode, to play attention. But most of them are too busy watching reality TV or trading e mails that feature you tube videos of some naked guy running around carrying a chicken eating a peanut butter sandwich.

    Sadly, Americans are for the most part, isolated, self indulgent, attention-challenged, naive and have a terrible case of historical amnesia. It's sad but true. I am hopeful the new generation coming up will help to remedy the problems, but it seems their collective attitude is no better than their parents and grandparents; all they want to do is make money!

    America will get what it deserves (and we actually our right now) because almost half of the population doesn't event take ten minutes to vote on important issues or for candidates for public office. I think those who don't vote should be fined heavily.
    Democracy isn't free!!!