Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Savage goes to NY and DC

Savage Nation has returned the big market and beyond.


  1. Great. They'll be able to hear the stale ass prerecorded third hour like us in SF. Savage is a lazy bum. Only two hours of live radio a day. He is also becoming very predictable. His return has been nothing but a snooze fest with zero movement of the needle except in Rich's blog.

  2. he's on 9 to 11 on WABC.

  3. No one cares. Cumulus owns Savage and is trying to build an affiliate base greater than 150 stations, where it is now. WABC and WMAL are pins in that wheel to do so. Savage will alienate those audiences inside of three months as he has everywhere else.

    What next? Maybe Cumulus will pair Savage with the now out of work Laura Ingraham, who quit TRN in the same way Savage did. Don't be surprised. She had 350 stations and Cumulus has plenty of places to plant her. They are only running Savage for 2 hours in NY and DC.

    1. Good points. They should run him two hours in SF too. The third hour is a complete joke of poorly edited mishmash. AWFUL!