Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Scrambled Eggs and We debut Tonight on Radio

Tonight begins a new chapter in the evolution of 415 Media. Radio. Finally. We've been chomping at the bits to get this started and the day has arrived.

First off, I want to say to the readers, you folks, thanks for allowing me to promote my new show. I know some of you have been annoyed at the frequent mentions and posts, but I'm a one-man band and word needs to get out.

We have some terrific first guests; KTVU's lead anchor on the "10 O'Clock News", Frank Somerville right smack at the top of the show, followed by ABC7's, (KGO-TV), Dan Ashley. Here's the audio link to listen.

We've received a great deal of pre-show pub and buzz and I'm happy to report that we have been contacted by advertisers, the lifeblood of the show. We hope to make these 3 hours quality radio that keeps you wanting more.

We will delve into news of the day, be it politics, pop culture, Black Friday overkill, (a redundancy?), and plenty of guests and surprises. We will take a few calls, and I'll offer up my two and three cents on everything.

Thanks, 415 Readers, and those new here. See you on the radio later tonight at 8 PM PT.

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  1. Good luck tonight Rich, I'll be tuning in. Did you catch Jim Gabbert filling in for Cabinet Man yesterday? He did a TALK SHOW with tons of callers, not a three hour monologue. Same with Ms. Craft today filling in for that loud buffoon Montañes. I look forward to that same brand of interactive radio with your show!!

  2. I'm seriously looking forward to this alternative to the normal boring Saturday night fare from the other local talkers.

    Be there or be square! No jeans or chinos please! Twenty-five cents stag; thirty-five cents drag.

  3. 8:10 PM and music streaming....No Rich.

  4. It's 8:10 and all I'm getting is music.

  5. the links on the KOMY web page seemed to be wrong (at least for me)
    this seems to be working:

  6. Solid first show Rich! You and I have talked via email a few times, I am not going to give out my name on your comments section but just know that you have support from within the business! (think online media)

    I had some issues as Michael mentioned with getting to the stream at first, but luckily I logged on early enough that I was able to correct the issue before you went live.

    Frank and Dan were both great guests and I definitely look forward to John tomorrow (one of my favorites). Keep up the good work, both online and over the airwaves