Saturday, November 24, 2012

Link on KOMY Update; I hear your (Link) Pain; Rothmann on Sunday Night

I heard all about it.

The website had the wrong link up. Many of you heard me--many of you heard old music. The station owner even called and told me of the situation. OK, call it first-show blues. Some of you were able to circumvent the app and listen

I've been told they're gonna get right. Be patient. These things happen. Chill--we'll be all right, trust me.

Here's an updated correct link.

Back on Sunday Night with guest, John Rothmann, in the second hour.


  1. "Chill--we'll be OK, trust me." Why do you insist on being disrespectful to people who your readers who try to support you?

  2. I listened to your show from Mid Michigan at around Midnight Eastern Time. Not a bad start. I heard part of the Dan Ashley portion of your show. I worked with Dan for a few years when I worked at KGO-TV and found him to be a very nice person and great to work with.

  3. Do you have a podcast of the first show? I am on central time and fell asleep.

  4. After boasting for weeks that people could listen to his new show online, the link doesn't work. Can you imagine how nasty Rich would be if KNBR had a glitch like that!

    1. You need a "Real Player" to play that link above. Here is alternate Listen Live links: Tunein via: or via MS-Windows Player!

  5. Say nothing negative about Rich. He edits all comments. Imagine that. Big baby. Dishes it out but can't take it.

  6. Anonymous at 4:51:

    Do you read these comments? Some of them are negative, I agree Rich may edit some comments, but he still leaves quite a few negative comments!